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05 November 2006 01:00

Gummy Bears - A graduated jellybean

by knann (via)
Grade 10 Calculus Blog where students summarize the class lesson. Talk about make math and learning visible;;;This one is in the Scribe Hall of Fame! Take a look at the comments!

05 November 2006 00:45

Sargent Park Math Zone

by knann (via)
Grade 8 math teacher using a blog as a homework site and enrichment center, He uses a variety of Web 2.0 tools to support student learning in math. Students take turns as scribes responsible for posting to the blog.

04 November 2006 21:45

Thinking Blocks Addition & Subtraction

by knann
This interactive program teaches children how to visualize and solve math word problems. Using virtual blocks and cubes, children create models that illustrate the underlying math concepts in word problems. Each Thinking Blocks program contains six guided practice sets and three assessment tests. The addition and subtraction program features models that represent part-whole, comparison, and change situations. The multiplication and division program introduces equal parts, comparisons, and interpreting remainders. Program features include: • Self paced, guided instruction that shows students how to correctly model math word problems • Independent practice sets that challenge students to apply what they’ve learned • Interactive blocks that engage students in the problem solving process • Randomized problem sets that create a different learning experience each time the program is accessed • Video tutorials which help students transition from building concrete models to sketching models on paper • Printable certificates that allow students to keep a record of the work they have completed

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