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by knann
High quality resources from recognized providers such as ReadWriteThink, Illuminations, Science NetLinks, etc.

ZAC Browser

by knann
Browser targeted for austistic children, but beneficial for the pre-school and kindergarten children. PC only at this time.


by knann
18 online animated books for Listen and reading comprehension. When in listening mode, the text is highlighted. Browsers with magnification can enlarge the text. More activties for language, math, etc. Teachers should preview for younger students as the interface is a different (and flash based).


AOL@SCHOOL Jr.: For Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade -

by knann
AOL@SCHOOL Useful directory of links to activities for all subject areas.


Q-Bee and Friends

by knann
Games for children up tp 7years old. Word and letter, shape and color, and number games. Simple repetitive format.

Games for Numeracy and Literacy

by knann
Very nice early elementary school games for literacy and math. Most games require minimal instruction.

Kidspiration Activity Templates

by knann
Many curriculum related templates created by teachers for grades k-5 available for downloading. Check it out!

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