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Welcome to GeekyMomma's Blog: I'd Like To Thank My Producers, Mom & Dad!

by springnet
In a follow-up post, I encouraged others outside our Twitter edtech network to join and today, Paul Terry Walhus (twitter @springnet) contacted me because he not only wanted to duplicate the concept for his SXSW network but he wanted to interview me (ME!,


trendalicious v2.0

by springnet & 1 other
trendalicious is a real-time ranking of the 100 most popular web pages as reflected by, digg, and reddit. URLs posted to those sites are collected and ranked by their total number of votes or links.

Twitterlicious - Mobile Clipping

by springnet
Twitterlicious is a mashup of Twitter,, and

by springnet
supposed to be a great twitter app but right now it's got me stumped. Tweet me if you know how this thing works. I'm a big delicious user too * the mystery app! *

2006 - tag-based search

by ycc2106
Just launched today, Simple interface that combines Flickr, delicious, Technorati and Google News. - a cool blend of and

by springnet & 30 others is a social news site and is a social bookmarking or tagging site. Below you can observe a live view of the action on these two sites without having to reload your browser. If a site interests you click on it to check it out, then ret

MashupFeed - Home to Mashups

by slogoo & 16 others
mashupfeed最新的最流行的混血应用汇总, 数据来自于混血和API数据库. 订阅此feed以后即可了解最新的混血应用.


by ycc2106
TagLand is an experiment in tag-based content aggregation. It lets you browse content from various sites that use tag-based taxonomies. Currently it displays content via sites like, furl, flickr, buzznet, technorati and more.


by ycc2106 & 3 others
Mixes flickr, and a custom feed.


by ycc2106
popular bookmarks you can bookmark to delicious, magnolia, spurl and reddit - find similar sites

by ycc2106 & 3 others
This is a mashup of and It's an experiment on my part to see whether I can quickly find relevant web sites based on people's tags/bookmarks on, using the engine from

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