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The TTABlog: TTAB Affirms 2(e)(3) Refusal of "FRENCH & FLIRTY" as Primarily Geographically Deceptively Misdescriptive of Lingerie

by pmdm
" Applicant Vanity Fair argued that "French" is here used euphemistically to mean "sexy," and it submitted a Wikipedia definition that defines the word "french" as "stinky, over-stated or rated, as well as those things that are illegal, immoral or just generally undesirable." Quand on lit ça (surtout ce qui suit la première virgule...), on ne peut que s'interroger -comme John Welch- sur la fiabilité de Wikipédia pour établir objectivement des faits.

Technology & Marketing Law Blog: American Airlines Sues Google Over Keyword Ads

by pmdm
American Airlines v. Google, 4:07-cv-00487 (N.D. Tex. complaint filed Aug. 16, 2007) [Warning: 4.4MB file]

Foods Tastes Better With McDonald's Logo, Kids Say

by pmdm
"Study suggests branding has powerful effect on preschoolers' diet By Steven Reinberg 8/6/07"

National Ledger - Angelina Jolie Fights to Save Baby Shiloh's Name

by pmdm
"both Shiloh, 11 months, and mom Angelina Jolie, 31, have filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to block Hors Lá Monde Corp., a jewelry-design and fragrance company, from naming its latest perfume Shiloh."


Fotolia Blog France - Les femmes viennent de Kodak et les hommes de Canon

by Roberta
<i>Dans son dernier rapport, la Lyra, centre de recherche américiain spécialisé dans le secteur de l'image, met en évidence les différences entre les hommes et les femmes dans leur choix d'un appareil photo numérique</i>.<br/>Curieux cette différence de choix selon les sexes !

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