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18 February 2005

17 February 2005

16 February 2005

Dialector Edition 2004

by pauline & 9 others (via)
Bible de marketing joliment mis en scène

Site-9 Weblog by Bjoern Ognibeni

by Sheino
Recent trends and developments about Marketing & PR, Media & Content Business and Enabling Technologies.


by Sheino
Nuns have discovered the perfect advertising medium, on the back of homeless peoples coats.

14 February 2005

Metro in love with Levi's for Valentine's Day

by Sheino
The newspaper’s 27 editions across Europe will give over their television listings pages to the brand on 14 February.

Informa Telecoms and Media

by Sheino
Research house providing the best business intelligence for the global wireless/fixed telecoms and media markets.

Emerging Business Models for Mobile Content

by Sheino
A study from research group Informa Telecoms & Media, concludes that brand and media owners will bypass networks and build the value of the mobile content sector to around $50bn (£26.8bn) by 2009.

09 February 2005

Brown is the new White in saucy promotion

by Sheino
Snooker player Jimmy White has changed his name to Jimmy Brown as part of a sponsorship stunt for HP sauce.

Procter & Gamble's Pringle Prints

by Sheino
Recently launched in the US, with jokes and trivia questions printed directly on the crisps. Users can submit new ideas on website.

07 February 2005

06 February 2005

04 February 2005

by sbrothier & 1 other
Send In Your Own Film / Make a 24-Second film.

03 February 2005

Dialector Edition 2004

by nhoizey & 9 others
Bible de marketing joliment mis en scène

Dialector Edition 2004

by Krome & 9 others
Bible de marketing joliment mis en scène

Dialector Edition 2004

by alexandre & 9 others
Bible de marketing joliment mis en scène

02 February 2005

Adidas runs into trouble over pavement 'graffiti'

by Sheino
Sportswear brand Adidas has come under fire from London's Lambeth Council for an innovative marketing ploy that involved 'graffiti' on the pavements of Brixton.

01 February 2005

BLOG d'entreprises : les grands patrons s'y mettent

Nous en parlions il y a tout juste quelques jours.Le phénomène du blog en entreprise prend de l'ampleur au sein des PME françaises. En témoigne également un article bien intéressant sur le sujet,...

31 January 2005

Identityworks - Tony Spaeth, Identity Consultant: corporate identity and corporate brand building

by sbrothier & 1 other
Tony Spaeth is an independent identity consultant, focused on the uses of identity as a tool in managing and marketing

26 January 2005


by Sheino
The Voice of Online Marketing

Marketing Planet

by nhoizey & 1 other
Marketing Planet is an international minded website. Its aim is to enhance exchanges of marketing ideas and experiences. The website is made by marketers and people linked to marketing activities. Marketing Planet targets any people working or interested in all types of marketing. By the way it is organised and open to reactions and participations, we hope to create a place where people come together to exchange information and to provide their opinions.

Blog d'entreprise : outil révolutionnaire ?

Initialement destiné à un usage personnel, le Blog (Web Log) prend d'assaut les milieux professionnels. Il faut avouer que les avantages sont nombreux pour les entreprises de toutes tailles :...

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