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Net Promoter Community : European Conference Blog 2008: Building a Global Community of Enthusiasts

by irols
Conny Kalcher from LEGO Company addressed the topic of growing brand ambassadors.  The name LEGO comes from Danish words that mean "play well," and most agree that LEGO makes that a driving passion for the company as well as for the customer/consumer. Did you know that there are 52 LEGO bricks for every person on earth? In many cultures, when the idea of creative play is discussed, LEGO enters the conversation.

Net Promoter Community : European Conference Blog 2008: Lego Company - Building a Global Community of Enthusiasts

by irols
From the presentation delivered by Conny Kalcher from LEGO Company, there were a number of points made from which you could choose a key takeaway such as...working for LEGO is so cool! to the importance of understanding your customer affinity groups and how to segment them. However, for me there was one comment that stood out from all the others Conny made: "Listening to the customer is a commitment to taking action."


Mon blog marketing: Conso: même le marché du Jouet est impacté par la technologie

by irols
Les amendes tonitruantes pour entente déloyale dévoilées en décembre 2007 de 5 fabricants (Chicco, Goliath, Hasbro, Lego et MegaBrands) et de Carrefour (opération Carrefour rembourse 10 fois la différence) ont marqué les esprits, même si les faits datent de 2001-2003. Les fabricants de jouets travaillent donc à redorer leur blason, ça a été le cas au salon Univers d'enfants:

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