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March 2006

Focus Groups

by tagtooga
Marketing and advertising firms that use focus groups.

innerTee - Where art and apparel become one.

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Using the innerTee community features you can share your designs and elements with mixers and other artists. Then promote your creations however you see fit - post them on MySpace, add them to your blog, send them to contacts

ITmedia +D モバイル:買収でボーダフォンユーザーはどうなる? (1/2)

by felixlaumon (via)
Vodafone 最終還是不能抵抗 au by KDDI & NTT docomo 的競爭,今日決定撤出日本市場,由SoftBank接收在日的業務。

Calgary housing surges

by ramsayhome
The Calgary housing market continues its fifth straight year of growth making Calgary one of the hotest housing markets in Canada.

February 2006

Buzz Game: API

by digitalmonkey
"There is now a REST API to allow third-party applications to easily extract prices and info for stocks and markets".

January 2006


by jackysee & 5 others (via)
幫你在 iTunes/Rhapsody 上賣歌而不經唱片公司或行鎖商

November 2005

BlogShares - Fantasy Blog Share Market

by kalley & 1 other

Microsoft 是食而無味,棄之可惜嗎?

by jackysee (via)
Google 的掘起,才正真的對 MS 做成威脅,不得不說近期 MS 的動作,全是為了對付 Google..

October 2005

September 2005

by rudydw
About digital lifestyle trends, mobile media and the continual merging of electronic devices. But also M for mososo, music, multilingual, multicultural and sometimes something about myself.


by rudydw
Mobile Media Communications - RandomOne creates easy-to-use mobile messaging concepts and integrates the applications needed to enable every mobile user to interact with any media, anytime.