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Resource for parents of drug abusers

by crystalsmells
good resource for parents with kids who use drugs.

Is My Kid Smoking Pot?

by crystalsmells
Website about signs that teenagers may be smoking pot. Including what to look for as a parent in their room, in their behavior, or in terms of paraphernalia. Good resource to keep parents current.

Roll A Joint

by Mal Burns (via)
Specialist consumer site.

The Antique Cannabis Book

by Mal Burns (via)
For the last century or so this remarkable plant has been a "controlled" substance, but this online compendium has a lot to tell about the natural medicine that only seems to make Big Pharma and government social engineers "ill". Hooray for history!


by Mal Burns
Rather odd site which initially looks like a celebrity-gossip type of site. It is, but the focus is on those who smoke or otherwise partake in Pot consumption. It must ahve a niche audience out there somewhere.

Drug Policy Alliance

by Mal Burns (via)
Alternatives to Marijuana Prohibition and the Drug War in America, plus world coverage


Brush Fires Uncover Pot Growing Operation

by steviehype
How unlucky is this, your happily growing your weed, have done for a while, all is going well until mother nature takes things into her own hands and reveals your little secret!

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