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The Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM) is a C++ implementation of a high-performance routing engine for shortest paths in road networks. It combines sophisticated routing algorithms with the open and free road network data of the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project. Shortest path computation on a continental sized network can take up to several seconds if it is done without a so-called speedup-technique. OSRM is able to compute and output a shortest path between any origin and destination within a few miliseconds. Since it is designed with OpenStreetMap compatibility in mind, OSM data files can be easily imported. A demo installation is sponsored by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and previously by our friends at Geofabrik. OSRM is under active development.


YOURS - YourNavigation

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OpenStreetMap (OSM) Routing Service YOURS is about making an OpenSource routeplanner using OpenSource software and data as much as possible. The OpenStreetMap geographic data is the most important part in this project. While being nowhere near complete enough to be able to say that it covers the whole world, it contains some pretty complete data for countries like: the Netherlands, United Kingdon, United States and Germany. Some other countries are not far behind. So the time is there to actually put the OpenStreetMap data to use.


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Vous voulez planifier un itinéraire à caractère sportif, en connaître le profil altimétrique, trouver un hébergement à proximité, simplement calculer la distance d'un parcours que vous avez réalisé ou encore éditer une trace GPS. Openrunner vous permet de réaliser tout cela et plus encore. Openrunner est un site collaboratif, vous pouvez enregistrer et rendre vos parcours publics afin de les partager avec d'autres utilisateurs et vous y trouverez une multitude de parcours pour différents sports.

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