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May 2009

Here & There — a horizonless projection in Manhattan

by Spone & 1 other
Here & There is a project by S&W exploring speculative projections of dense cities. These maps of Manhattan look uptown from 3rd and 7th, and downtown from 3rd and 35th. They're intended to be seen at those same places, putting the viewer simultaneously above the city and in it where she stands, both looking down and looking forward.

April 2009 | Open Source Activity World Map

by ycc2106
Explore open source software hotspots around the world through the interactive Open Source Index, or OSI, based on research by the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). When you click on a country, you can see its overall rank among the 75 countries in the index, as well as its rank for Government, Industry, and Community factors.

湯川鶴章のIT潮流 powered by ココログ: iPhone用Yahoo!地図がクウジット採用ーやはりサービスはローカル企業が強い

by kuroyagi
"こうしたことができるのもYahoo!Japanが日本の会社(ソフトバンクの子会社)だからなんだろう。Google Japanは米Googleの子会社なんで、ローカルの事情やテクノロジーへの対応に遅れがち。やはりインターネットのサービスレイヤーでは、ローカル企業が圧倒的に強く、欧米企業恐るるに足らずということなんだろうか。"

March 2009

WikipediaVision (beta)

by jeanruaud
[surveiller les contributions anonymes à Wikipédia en temps réel]

Map | Tumblr

by ycc2106
tumblr live map


by bomardo & 1 other
Cartes de géolocalisation

January 2009

Gracenote | Music Search Tools: Popularity Map

by garret
Pick a location and Gracenote's global map tells you the music artists that are currently the most popular.

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