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November 2007

bmog de Gael Duval

by yogilou
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October 2007

YouTube - Compiz Fusion: A Quick Demonstration

by yogilou & 1 other

September 2007

August 2007

video Mandriva & Compiz

by yogilou
Mandriva Flash running on an Intel MID UMPC prototype. Windows can be manipulated using the touchscreen, together with compiz.

DVDRIP / Transcode - Mandriva 2007 free

by yogilou
Il est parfois utile de réaliser une sauvegarde, par exemple, de ses vacances gravées sur DVD pour les préserver intacts dans son boitier, à l’abri du mauvais usage que pourrait en faire vos chéres “têtes blondes” et ainsi utiliser une copie g

July 2007

Open Source Semantic Desktop Is Coming

by CharlesNepote
"PC users have volumes of information saved on their computers, most of it disconnected and disparate save for a basic directory system. The answer to connecting all the information into a local semantic Web of information is closer than you might think. [...]"

June 2007

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