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by gregg
Get The Big Picture Know who works on what in real-time. See when team members become available. Keep track of project budgets and time spent.

Hub Planner

by gregg
Resource Planning Scheduling and Time Tracking Software Tool used by Producers | Project Managers | Resource Planners | Digital Agenciesget a bird's eye view of your resources

12 Agency Project Management Software & Resource Management Tools

by gregg
As agencies and studios grow, the systems and processes that worked for a small agency often struggle to scale. Excel is great, but there are some project management and resource scheduling tools out there that can help you work even smarter.

The easiest way to resource your team - Schedule App

by gregg
Schedule is the ideal online solution for your staff resourcing needs. We have kept the app simple and easy to use. We don't have loads of features, just the ones you need.

Float - Team scheduling and time management for agencies, studios and firms.

by gregg
Thousands of agencies, studios and firms choose Float to schedule their team’s time. Float is fully-hosted, safe and secure. Create a free account in seconds.


Welcome to Pivotal Tracker

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
A free story-based project planning tool that allows teams to collaborate in real-time.


Gestion de contacts et suivi commercial - logiciel CRM

by eandrieux
Logiciel CRM complét, simple et facile à mettre en oeuvre pour gérer vos contacts professionnels, vos tâches et vos opportunités commerciales. Dotée d'une interface claire et intuitive, Ronin CRM vous aidera dans le suivi et la gestion de votre activité commerciale que vous soyez un indépendant, une tpe ou une pme. - Gestion de contacts - Suivi des tâches et des actvitées (rendez-vous, contacts téléphoniques, ...) - Gestion des documents liés aux contacts - Planning d'équipe - Gestion des opportunités commerciales - Ciblage marketing (export Excel) - Synchronisation avec le calendrier Outlook - Getsion de documents modèles (comme les devis ou factures sous Excel ou Word)


Logiciel crm simple, économique et efficace pour les indépendants, les tpe et les pme

by eandrieux
Logiciel crm simple, économique et efficace pour organiser votre travail en équipes autour des relations que vous avez avec vos prospects, clients et partenaires. Gestion de la Relation Client (grc) - Gestion de contacts professionnels - Suivi de forces de ventes - Partage de documents - Planning d'equipe - Suivi de tâches et de temps passés - Portefeuille d'opportunites (affaires) - Ciblage marketing - Synchronisation des RDV avec MS Outlook

2005 - Free Project Management Software

by Riduidel
If you are looking for Free Project Management Software, then you have come to the right place. You can install jxProject on all of your computers at no cost. You'll also be able to share your project plans with anyone that has access to the Internet, bec

GanttProject - Home

by Riduidel & 14 others
A project can be subdivided into sub-tasks, each with a begin date, duration, dependencies, progress, and notes.Ganttproject uses an XML file format and can export PNG/JPG images, HTML web pages or PDF documents.

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