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by camel
Nimbus provides a free, open source infrastructure for remote deployment and management of virtual machines, allowing you to: * Create compute clouds (make your own EC2 style service). For examples, see the science clouds page. * Deploy "one-click" auto-configuring virtual clusters (see the cloud clusters page). They adapt on the fly into new network and security contexts so you can set them up once and run them over and over again, even across different clouds. * Serve clients that are compatible with the Amazon EC2 service, see What is the EC2 frontend? * Integrate VMs on a set of resources already configured to manage jobs (i.e., already using a batch scheduler like PBS). See What is the Workspace Pilot? * Interface to Amazon EC2 resources, see What is the EC2 backend? * Easily experiment with new remote protocols and backends, see What is the RM API?


Open Source Community for Network Monitoring and Server Alerts | Hyperic Forums and Documentation

by camel
Hyperic HQ is the robust IT management platform and web-based portal that lets you manage your systems, services, servers, and applications - and it's freely available under an open source license, the GNU GPL. Hyperic HQ Open Source features monitoring, alerting, auto- discovery, auto-inventory, performance monitoring over time, and the ability to determine the health of your IT environment with pinpoint accuracy. The Enterprise Subscription adds support, automated updates, and a few features.



by Riduidel & 5 others
Ce site est l'oeuvre d'une équipe de consultants spécialistes du développement logiciel en technologies objet. Notre objectif est d'y présenter des méthodes et des principes d'organisation et de conception susceptibles d'accroître l'effi

Wiki XP-France: XpFrance

by Riduidel
Bienvenue ! Vous vous trouvez devant l'entrée principale du WikiWiki des utilisateurs et observateurs de l'ExtremeProgramming en France.

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