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Les espaces Halo

by LuciferX & 1 other
Vous trouverez ici tout sur ce jeu mythique ! Vous découvrirez l'histoire du jeu, une galerie de wallpapers, des explications sur les stats et médailles, des astuces et bonus tels que des vidéos, des infos sur Halo 3 et Halo Wars , vos stats en flash, des teams..

His polls in the toilet, Bush gives us same old crap

by jasontromm
In a special televised address last night, President Bush addressed the nation on the immigration crisis. Unless a total indifference to the wishes of the American people can be counted as a kind of political boldness, anyone hoping for a bold new approach from the White House last night on immigration was likely disappointed. The president is in bad shape. His approval rating with voters is approaching Saddam Hussein territory—his handling of the immigration issue a major reason for the plummet.

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy

by jb100
UKCP is the umbrella regulatory body for a number of psychotherapy schools in the UK

Game of tag banned on playground

by jasontromm
Dodge ball is out. Too aggressive. Ropes courses are out. Too much liability. And don't even think about proposing a gun club at your child's school these days. But when the principal of Spokane's Washington's Adams Elementary School banned the playing of tag by students on the playground, at least one 3rd-grader had enough.


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