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September 2013


by moby
Publicación enfocada en el mestizaje y las culturas latinas y difusora de la actividades de…

August 2013

magazine du mariage

by toki
chroniques et conseils

virtual and social tendencies

by toki
magazine on brave journal

cronicas de juegos

by toki & 2 others
diablo 3, Guild wars, Runescape, Wow : un magazine sobre los juegos videos

le magazine du e-commerce

by tyteu & 2 others
Les techniques d’analyse d’audience e-commerce etc.

blog e-commerce

by moby & 2 others
magazine e-commerce


by sbrothier
Nautilus is a different kind of science magazine. We deliver big-picture science by reporting on a single monthly topic from multiple perspectives. Read a new chapter in the story every Thursday.

like diablo 3 legend…

by moby
here’s a presentation of Legend of Heroes 3

entrevista del padre de diablo 3

by tyteu
Bill Roper sobre diablo 3 y su nuevo proyecto

Epic Magazine

by gregg

Tamworth keeping up with Welsh traditions

by moby
Wales may traditionally associated with sheep and Blue Square Premier club Tamworth FC may be known to their fans as the Lambs, but the connection between Wales and the Midlands-based side runs a lot deeper, and young Cardiff City striker Ibrahim Farah has become to latest to link the two following his loan move from the Championship club


by tyteu
La revista, dirigida por el novelista peruano Héctor Loaiza, ha publicado en su número de julio 2013 una crítica, firmada por Luis Benitez, del libro de Fulgencio Martínez El año de la lentitud

July 2013

the blogora

by tyteu
space for connecting rhetoric, rhetorical methods and theories, and rhetoricians with public life

the awl

by tyteu
magazine art & culture

June 2013

Longform App for iPad

by gregg
The only magazine app you'll ever need.

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