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Études photographiques

by sbrothier & 1 other
Éditée par la Société française de photographie depuis 1996, Études photographiques est la revue francophone de référence en matière d'études visuelles, qui témoigne de l'état le plus récent de la recherche.




125 Magazine for iPad on the iTunes App Store

by sbrothier
125 is a magazine for people who love photography, design, fashion, art and visual culture presented in a grownup package that will entertain, enlighten and provoke debate.

Inquire | The magazine of inquisitive journalism & intelligent photography.

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
Inquire – previously named Auto de Fe – is a cross-platform magazine of inquisitive journalism and intelligent photography. We publish investigative reporting, compelling reportage, multimedia, interviews, profiles and in-depth photojournalism from around the world.

The New Economics of Photojournalism: The Death of Once Magazine - British Journal of Photography

by sbrothier & 1 other
Once Magazine, which launched a year ago at Visa pour l'Image, promised to offer a new revenue stream for photographers by publishing their work on the iPad. Last month, however, Once closed its doors. The magazine's editor, John Knight, tells BJP what went wrong


by sbrothier
Fraction Magazine Japan features the best of contemporary photography, bringing together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from Japan and Asia.


Home : Fraction Magazine

by sbrothier
Fraction Magazine features the best of contemporary photography, bringing together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe. Each monthly on-line issue focuses on a central theme, creating an implicit dialogue between differing photographic perspectives. Fraction also offers in-depth photography book reviews. For his outstanding work, David Bram, Fraction's editor and publisher, was selected as the 2010 recipient of the Griffin Museum's Rising Star Award.

» Whats Poppington: Isabeli Fontana pays homage to Linda Evangelista Vogue Italia 1989 Cubana Editorial

by sbrothier
So if Vogue Paris going in on a directional change? or are they just giving props to the legends that created this thing called “superfashion”? Apparently this has been the question on everyones pouted lips since Emmanuelle Alt replaced Carine Roitfeld as the editor and chief of the print media title.

Vogue Paris copying old photo shoots? > Fashion Photo Shoots

by sbrothier
So the Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott-photographed shoot isn't exactly original. Thus there are two questions raised: first, is the photo shoot, none the less, any good? And secondly, does the lack of outright originality matter?


Dirkon - The Paper Camera []

by sbrothier & 5 others
DIRKON – THE PAPER CAMERA During the 1970s, magazines published in Communist Czechoslovakia were controlled by the state, like the majority of other enterprises. Very few good magazines were available and were difficult to get hold of, so people would borrow and exchange them when given the opportunity. This also applied to magazines aimed at young people, which was probably one of the reasons why almost everyone from my generation, when we get on to the subject of pinhole cameras, has fond memories of the cut-out paper camera known as Dirkon*, published in 1979 in the magazine ABC mladých techniků a přírodovědců [An ABC of Young Technicians and Natural Scientists].

Interview Magazine First Mag for Ipad | TrendLand -> Fashion Blog & Trend Magazine

by sbrothier
Last month CondeNast announced iPad versions of 5 of their titles were being prepped,(not for Vogue and W yet!) . Interview, however, is taking the plunge. Back in February, a video demo of their iPad app ( see below) , showing the photography and text of the magazine intermixed with video and audio content.

Vice Magazine

by sbrothier & 3 others
Le magazine VICE est publié depuis octobre 1994. Originalement appelé Voice et imprimé en format fanzine, son ton intransigeant a immédiatement séduit les Montréalais anglophones dès sa première publication (oui, VICE est Montréalais d’origine). Aujourd'hui le magazine est distribué dans plus de vingt pays et son imprimé a atteint une circulation mondiale d’un million de copies. La version française de Vice magazine, lancée en Mars 2007, est tirée chaque mois à 80 000 exemplaires, distribués via un réseau national de 500 points (boutiques, galeries d'art, magasins de disques, bars, clubs...).


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