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March 2007

スラッシュドット ジャパン | カラー画像のノイズを除去するOSS

by plasticdreams

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October 2005

Nicholas Riley software

by Riduidel & 1 other
This page is a catalog of free software I've written or worked on. The software is in various stages of completion, documentation, and bugginess. For the software provided with no included license, I would ask that you credit me when you make use of or incorporate my software into another product; and that you send along any improvements you might make. Bug reports are also welcome.

September 2005


by Riduidel & 1 other
The following are considered must have SoftWare:

Sveinbjorn Thordarson's Website - Software

by Riduidel
I develop applications for Apple's Mac OS X operating system. All these applications are free, open-source software distributed under the terms and conditions of the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License.

Welcome to!

by Riduidel
The following programs are freewares: this means they are fully functionnal and you can use them for free! Enjoy! Including x-tunes

Pure Mac: Software For Macintosh

by Riduidel & 11 others
one of the first Macintosh software compendiums on the internet. Download all your Mac OS X and Classic Mac software including freeware, shareware, demos, games, updates, software for mp3, ipod, itunes etc.

August 2005

Mac OS X Apps

by Riduidel & 6 others
Welcome to Mac OS X Apps of Choice. For some reason, people are always bugging me about what they should install to get the most out of OS X. While I'm partly to blame since I 'switched' a few to the platform, I've noticed plenty of others continue to ask about this or that. This site is aimed at the power user, *nix switcher, and those that want to tweak OSX to work better for them. If you've never had more than 4 applications open at a time, you are most likely not a power user. If you regularly run more than 15 applications at a time, and keep thinking about how just one more gig of ram would make things so much smoother; this site is for you. If you can think of a few applications missing from the archives here, that are definetly the top in their field, log in over in the right menu or create a new account. Once you register, you will also be able to leave comments on the apps.

May 2005

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