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by Riduidel
Pythonic version of Dance Dance revolution

September 2005

Game Optimizer

by Riduidel
Game Optimizer uses AppleScript to prompt the user to enter the name of the game. Then using several shell commands via AppleScript, it determines the Process ID (PID). Once i has the PID it then does a renice on it, effectively changing it's priority fro

Advance Projects - News

by Riduidel & 1 other
This site contains projects related to play Arcade and PC games with esotheric video hardware like TVs, Arcade Monitors, Fixed Frequencies Monitors and also for PC Monitors. They run in GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, DOS and Windows.

kiki the nanobot

by Riduidel & 1 other
Welcome to the homepage of 'kiki the nano bot'. kiki the nano bot is a 3-D puzzle game, basically a mixture of the games Sokoban and Kula-World. kiki has won the Categories 'Best Graphics', 'Best Originality' and 'Best Overall Game' in the uDevGame

Pathological - Home

by Riduidel & 1 other
Pathological is an enriched clone of the game "Logical" by Rainbow Arts. To solve a level, fill each wheel with four marbles of matching color. Various board elements such as teleporters, switches, filters, etc., make the game interesting and challenging.

Mac Crack Attack!

by Riduidel
Mac Crack Attack is a port of Crack Attack to the Mac OS X platform. Crack Attack is based on the Super Nintendo classic Tetris Attack. New in the mac version is sound, full-screen mode and some native Cocoa interfaces. Mac Crack Attack is a fast paced

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