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January 2007

Mac Forums - View Single Post - Apple logo font

by plasticdreams
iBookのキーボードに使われてるフォントについて調べてたら引っかかった。VAG RoundedとかHelvetica Roundedの派生らしい。

フォントって声に出さないから調べてみた。 [Orbium -そらのたま-]

by plasticdreams
iBookのキーボードに使われてるフォントについて調べてたら引っかかった。意外に読めないもんだなあ( ・∀・)つ〃∩ ヘェーヘェーヘェー

January 2006

October 2005

20 Best License-Free Official Fonts

by Riduidel & 62 others
So I’ve decided to create the Top 20 Best License-Free Official Fonts, which are likely to be used rather for official, serious presentations (such as business sites) than a colourful teenager’s homepage.

September 2005

Proggy Programming Fonts

by Riduidel & 11 others
This site is the home of the Proggy programmer's fonts (Proggy Clean, Proggy Square, Proggy Small, and Proggy Tiny) as well as a number of contributed programming fonts (Crisp, Speedy, CodingFontTobi1, and Opti). It is also the home of two other proportio

�NIGMA FONTS: Font Archive

by Riduidel & 2 others
All of the Fonts on this site are made by me (Brian Kent), and all of them are Freeware. You can use them any way you want to (Personal use, Commercial use, or whatever).

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