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01 January 1970 01:00 SSH on Mac OS X

by sharifl
SSH is a secure way to connect to your Mac over un-trusted networks, such as the Internet. At it`s most basic level, it allows you to log into a Mac remotely using the terminal using the sshd and ssh programs. You must enable the SSH service on the Mac you want to log in to

iTunesSpy » Overview

by astorg & 1 other
Interesting iTunes music plugin for Wordpress

BeginnersGuide - Slim Devices : Community : Wiki

by sharifl
Details on configuring your firewall depends on the specific firewall you use, but the idea is always the same - allow SlimServer to act as a server, give it in/out access and, if your firewall permits it, let your firewall know that your Squeezebox is a trusted device.

SSH in Mac OS X

by sharifl
SSH in Mac OS X<br /> <br /> Mac OS X comes with its own implementation of OpenSSH, so you don`t need to install any third-party software to take advantage of the extra security SSH offers! Just open a terminal window and jump in.<br /> <br /> There`s no graphical front-end, however, so you`ll need to use some shell commands. In particular, you`ll need to change directories and possibly create the .ssh directory if you don`t already have one. Also, you`ll need to use emacs or vi to paste your public key, because pico inserts "line breaks" that will ruin your public key.

Realmac Software | RapidWeaver | Powerful Website Creation for Mac

by astorg & 3 others
Interesting alternative blogging platform, dedicated to the Mac

Computer Power User Article - DIY Networking

by sharifl
One of the most sought-after additions to any home network is also one of the toughest to define. Ask anyone with a large MP3 or video collection if she`d like a central location on her network to store all her files and she will almost certainly answer a resounding, "Yes." A media server serves that purpose, but designing one can be somewhat confusing.

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