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September 2014

Daily | Time tracking for professionals

by sbrothier & 1 other
World's most convenient time tracking companion for professionals.

Convertir vos vidéos, images et sons facilement

by Giraultises & 1 other (via)
Adapter est capable de convertir tous les formats, depuis et vers n'importe quelle résolution, taille, frame rate...etc. Il y a de nombreux paramètres d'exports déjà configurés pour pas mal d'appareils et de formats, mais vous pouvez tout ajuster manuellement. Adapter permet aussi d'ajouter des calques sur les vidéos, ce qui peut vous permettre d'ajouter un petit logo sur la vidéo, ou du texte, et même d'incruster des sous-titres ou un fichier audio. Un autre gros atout d'Adapter, c'est qu'il autorise la conversion par lots.

August 2014

July 2014

May 2014

Obsidian Menu Bar

by sbrothier
A hack that makes your OS X menu bar black. And yes, it blends.

Transcriva - Manual transcription with automatic transmission

by gregg & 1 other
Transcriva is transcription software for the Mac. Whether it's your meeting minutes, interviews, lectures, home movies, dictation, speeches, or your favorite TV show, Transcriva can help you transcribe them all. You do the typing, Transcriva takes care of the rest.

April 2014

March 2014

Flixel | Cinemagraph Pro for Mac

by sbrothier
Cinemagraph Pro is a professional tool designed for creating living photos. With its unique “live-masking” technology, artists can preview their living images in real time and output HD and 4K hybrid photographs.

February 2014

Storehouse: visual storytelling

by sbrothier
The easiest way to create, share, and discover beautiful stories.

Welcome | UNCOVER

by sbrothier
We started out investigating whether that backlit logo on every MacBook® used its own tiny light source or actually the whole backlight. We took apart our MacBook Pro and found out, there's an entire lightpanel waiting behind the screen. From there we continuously developed our product to this day and are proud that we can offer our Uncovers, a beautiful and unique way to personalise your Macbook.

Soundsource or equivalent for Mountain Lion? - MacRumors Forums

by garret
I too was looking for a SoundSource alternative and found that the same functionality is already built into ML! For Mountain Lion, just hold down the Option key while pressing the Speaker icon in the menu bar!!

January 2014

December 2013

8hacks - 8tracks Playlist Downloader

by sbrothier
An 8tracks playlist downloader for Windows & Mac

November 2013

Novocaine: painless high-performance audio on iOS and OS X

by sbrothier
An analgesic for high-performance audio on the iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X. Really fast audio in iOS and Mac OS X using Audio Units is hard, and will leave you scarred and bloody. What used to take days can now be done with just a few lines of code.

: : OS X facile : : Un Mac protégé avec LittleSnitch

by oseres (via)
Pour mieux contrôler les connexions Internet de votre Mac

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