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December 2013

8hacks - 8tracks Playlist Downloader

by sbrothier
An 8tracks playlist downloader for Windows & Mac

November 2013

Novocaine: painless high-performance audio on iOS and OS X

by sbrothier
An analgesic for high-performance audio on the iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X. Really fast audio in iOS and Mac OS X using Audio Units is hard, and will leave you scarred and bloody. What used to take days can now be done with just a few lines of code.

: : OS X facile : : Un Mac protégé avec LittleSnitch

by oseres (via)
Pour mieux contrôler les connexions Internet de votre Mac

Mac OS X Mavericks : créer une clé usb d'installation bootable

by sbrothier
Mac OS X Mavericks : créer une clé usb d’installation bootable

October 2013

September 2013

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July 2013

June 2013

Reflector - AirPlay mirror your iPhone or iPad to any Mac or PC, wirelessly.

by gregg
Mirror and share your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to any Mac or PC.

GPGTools (OpenPGP Tools for Apple OS X)

by gregg
GPGTools is a software collection that brings encryption/decryption and signing of e-mails and files, to you on your mac (for Windows use Gpg4win). The main goal is to bring OpenPGP - in the form of an easy installer package based on MacGPG - to Mac OS X. Read the introduction, in order to get a detailed idea of how PGP works.

Web Font Generator for Mac OSX | FontPrep

by gregg
FontPrep takes your TTF and OTF font files and generates all of the respective font-formats for the web: WOFF, EOT, and SVG.

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