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October 2015

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July 2015

Never Read

by gregg
The Mac App giving you peace of mind by cleaning your "read later" backlog for you.

May 2015


by rmaltete (via)
mac project manager

April 2015

March 2015

Online icon converter for png, ico, and icns - iConvertIcons

by sbrothier
iConvert Icons converts and creates custom icons for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android. More »

Shrink Preview files without ruining image quality | Macworld

by sbrothier
Savvy Preview users know they can do some interesting things to PDFs—convert them to black-and-white or sepia tone, increase or decrease their lightness, and more—by selecting File -> Export, then selecting one of the Quartz filters in the resulting dialog box. Reader zpjet is one of those users, but he was never satisfied with results of the Reduce File Size filter (which he'd use when trying to make PDFs small enough to send by e-mail): It made them too small and made the graphics fuzzy.

Astropad - Transform your iPad into a professional graphics tablet

by sbrothier, 2 comments
YOUR IPAD AS A PROFESSIONAL GRAPHICS TABLET Use the Mac creative tools you know & love, like Photoshop, with the touch experience of your iPad

February 2015 - unpkg

by sbrothier (via)
I dislike .pkg files on Mac OS X. I don't like how they can touch any part of the system they want. Many times the installer files are useless anyway; all they do is make sure an app is installed in /Applications, for example, which I can handle myself, thank you very much. So this utility simply unpacks all the files in a package. Very handy, and GNU GPL free too!

January 2015

Hello, Resolven Apps

by sbrothier (via)
GIF Brewery is a Mac OS X application that lets you convert brief clips from your video files into GIFs. No longer must you extract frames from your movies and fiddle with layers in Adobe® Photoshop®. Instead, let GIF Brewery do all the tedious work for you. In addition, GIF Brewery contains plenty of other features to express your creativity.

XtraFinder adds Tabs and features to Mac Finder.

by NiMe
Ajoute des fonctionnalités au Finder : onglet, double panneau...

December 2014

AudioRealism Bass Line 2

by mixher (via)
udio Units and VST for Mac OS X


by rmaltete & 2 others
Le dernier mot de passe vous devez retenir


by gregg
unlock your Mac without a password using your iPhone

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