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May 2013

How to generate colour bitmap fonts for Mac OS 10.7/8 | Typophile

by sbrothier
A while ago I researched out of curiosity if it was possible to build fonts with embedded colour bitmaps like the Apple Color Emoji font on Mac OS 10.7/10.8. I figured out the «sbix» table format and wrote some code that can be hooked into the Python FontTools to decompile and compile the sbix table which contains the image data.

Page Layers - Website Screenshots For Mac OS X

by gregg (via)
Page Layers is a website screenshot app for Mac OS X. It converts web pages to Photoshop files with separate layers for all page elements.

March 2013


by rmaltete & 1 other, 1 comment (via)
Online Backup for Mac to Amazon AWS Glacier and S3

February 2013

Setting Up a Basic Mac Media Server — Shawn Blanc

by gregg
epurposing an old Mac into a home media server is a great idea. A nerdy, tedious, somewhat overrated, great idea.

gmask - Gas Mask - Google Project Hosting

by oseres (via)
Gas Mask is simple hosts file manager for Mac OS X Snow Leopard & Lion. It allows to edit hosts files and switch between them.

January 2013

Mou - Markdown editor for web developers, on Mac OS X

by jpcaruana & 2 others (via)
Mou The missing Markdown editor for web developers

Mac Backup

by rmaltete & 1 other
Mac Synchronization | Mac Bootable Backup | ChronoSync | Econ Technologies

December 2012

Sauce Labs: Cloudified Browser Testing

by gregg
Deploy faster and safer with Sauce’s arsenal of test tools. Videos. Screenshots. Breakpoints. Metadata—all with 96+ browser/OS platforms on a secure, scalable instant cloud.

Mac App Store - Snap Converter

by sbrothier
Snap Converter makes image and icon conversion easy. Just drag and drop to convert between many popular graphic formats. Convert bitmap graphics, Mac and Windows icons, Camera Raw images, Photoshop documents, and many other formats. You can even create multi-image Mac icon files from a single image. Need to convert a lot of images? Snap Converter allow you to convert multiple images in batch mode. Just drag and drop a folder or multiple image files to convert all the images at once.

November 2012

Nicholas Zambetti – LiveView for iPhone & iPad

by oseres & 1 other (via)
LiveView is a specialized remote screen viewing application intended as a tool to help designers create graphics for mobile applications, it has also proven to be useful for creating quick and dirty simulations, demos, and experience prototypes. FOR VISUAL DESIGNERS — Develop pixel–perfect graphics for the iPhone and iPad quickly and easily with a live view of your canvas/artboard while you work. LiveView is compatible with both standard and Retina displays. FOR INTERACTION DESIGNERS — With your iPhone or iPad tethered via WiFi, you can interact with software prototypes and demos running on your Mac to communicate and iterate your concepts quickly. FOR EVERYONE — If you've ever needed to press a button from afar or wished that you could take a piece of your monitor with you across the room, this app may prove useful from time to time. Inspired by and created to support the vibrant prototyping culture at IUAV.

Mac App Store - Skala Preview

by oseres (via)
Skala Preview is the fastest way to send pixel perfect, colour perfect design previews from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad.

Applications enfants : un catalogue critique iPad iPhone Android Web

by sbrothier & 1 other
Ici on chronique des applications pour les enfants. Pour iPad, iPhone, Android, mais aussi pour le Web, les Mac et les PCs. On parle aussi de multimédia ludique et pédagogique, d'édtion numérique jeunesse et des usages du numérique dans l'enfance et à l'école. L'objectif ? Vous aider à repérer les meilleurs contenus pour vos enfants, et réfléchir ensemble aux usages et à l'avenir de ces outils technologiques, à la maison comme à l'école.

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