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October 2007

February 2007

Finder Window Manager

by xenomorph
Finder Window Manager† (FWM) is an application for managing all of your Mac OS X Finder window needs. This application allows you to create Window Sets to remember the size, placement, and just about all the view options of your open windows (there are a few minor settings such as label placement below or on the side of icon views that are not open to modification by third-party applications).

December 2006


by xenomorph
myDVDEdit will be to DVD's what ResEdit is to programs on the Mac, a tool which allows you to understand and even to modify the content of a DVD, at the deepest level. » Official Website & Free Download «

by xenomorph & 4 others
FrostWire is a high quality, FREE peer-to-peer application. No content filters, No commercial nags. Just pure choice, provided to you at no cost.

BoxCloud: Dead-Simple File Sharing for Design and Media Professionals

by xenomorph & 10 others
BoxCloud is a dead simple way for design and media professionals to share files with clients, vendors and colleagues. It's faster and easier than email and can handle files and folders of any size.


by xenomorph
Appscript is a high-level, user-friendly Apple event bridge that allows you to control scriptable Mac OS X applications using ordinary Python scripts. Appscript makes MacPython a serious alternative to Apple's own AppleScript language for automating your Mac.


by xenomorph & 1 other
free software updates for one and all

Screen Recycler

by xenomorph
ScreenRecycler allows you to use any networked computer as additional display.

November 2006


by xenomorph & 3 others
DOT.TUNES is a fully developed web server application that supports mp3, AAC, aiff, .wav, mpeg, mp4, and .mov files, allowing you to share your iTunes library contents with your friends in other cities, your classmates across the dorm or the coworkers scattered throughout the building.[1] DOT.TUNES contains a custom web server designed specifically to serve the audio tracks from your iTunes at lightning fast speeds. Through seamless integration with your iTunes database,

October 2006


by xenomorph & 2 others
Synergy lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, each with its own display, without special hardware. It's intended for users with multiple computers on their desk since each system uses its own monitor(s).

PimpMyCamino ¤

by xenomorph & 6 others
Custom parts for your Camino browser

Perian - A swiss-army knife for QuickTime

by xenomorph & 17 others
With Perian installed, any OS X application that uses QuickTime can now use these additional media types: Divx, XviD, FLV, AVI, MS-MPEG4 v1, MS-MPEG4 v2, MS-MPEG4 v3, DivX 3.11 alpha, 3ivX, Sorenson H.263, Flash Screen Video, Truemotion VP6 These formats when they are inside an AVI:h.264, mpeg4, AAC, AC3 Audio, and VBR MP3. - megazoomer

by xenomorph & 3 others
Megazoomer makes windows full-screen. Just press Command-Enter, and the front-most window grows to fill your entire monitor. Press the same keys, and it shrinks again.

sandbox: batteries not included

by xenomorph & 1 other
Access control lists for Mac OS X 10.4 Client.

August 2006 New Releases

by xenomorph & 14 others
Free Software for the mac population

Parallels Desktop for Mac (Mac OS X Software)

by xenomorph & 6 others
Parallels Desktop for Mac is the first solution that gives Apple users the ability to run Windows, Linux or any other operating system and their critical applications at the same time as Mac OS X on any Intel-powered iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook or MacBook Pro.Unlike dual-boot solutions, in which users must completely shut down Mac OS X and endure a full OS start-up cycle to access a important application, Parallels Desktop for Mac empowers users with the ability to run important Windows programs like Outlook, Access, Internet Explorer and all other applications without having to give up the usability and functionality of their Mac OS X machine even for a few minutes.

June 2006


by xenomorph & 3 others (via)
Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.

What is xGestures? | xGestures

by xenomorph
xGestures is a shareware program for Mac OS X 10.3 and later that allows you to use mouse gestures in all aspects of your Macintosh computer. You can define gestures for individual programs, or for the whole computer, and map them to useful functions like closing or minimizing windows, switching or launching applications, picking menu items or performing keystrokes, triggering Exposé, and much more!

sancho : the advanced gui for p2p core applications

by xenomorph & 2 others (via)
sancho is a gui that connects to a p2p core application. Power users that use p2p applications usually choose one that has core/gui separation. sancho provides an easy to use, powerful, and configurable gui, currently supporting the gui protocol of the popular mldonkey core. The sancho project is written for fun, but also to test some new and exciting technologies. It is written in Java using the SWT widget toolkit and can be compiled on multiple platforms with the gcj compiler to native machine code (java=slow and bulky? not anymore! no external java runtime required!). Windows, Linux, OSX and other popular operating systems are supported.

PyObjC - Home

by xenomorph & 1 other
The PyObjC project aims to provide a bridge between the Python and Objective-C programming languages. The bridge is intended to be fully bidirectional, allowing the Python programmer to take full advantage of the power provided by various Objective-C based toolkits and the Objective-C programmer transparent access to Python based functionality.

Iceberg 1.2

by xenomorph
 Iceberg is an Integrated Packaging Environment (IPE) that allows you to create packages or metapackages conforming to the Mac OS X specifications. With Iceberg, you can quickly create your installation packages using a graphic user interface similar to your favorite development tools. Iceberg can also be useful for Administrators who want to gather in a metapackage numerous packages for remote distribution via Apple Remote Desktop.

XNmap - Network Scanner for Mac OS X

by xenomorph & 1 other
XNmap 3.0 XNmap is the most user friendly way to scan networks and perform security audits from a Mac. The current release updates XNmap to allow you to choose any copy of nmap you want, including the ability to use the version installed by Fink. The nmap binary that is included in the XNmap download (v. 4.01) is now installed in such a way to allow it to be run from the command line as well as from XNmap! XNmap is now a Universal Binary!

April 2006

Pimp My Safari

by xenomorph & 1 other
It was started as a reaction to the sites cataloguing Firefox extensions. Many excellent plugins for Safari have been developed, but because Safari doesn’t have an official ‘extension architecture’, many don’t know of these extensions.

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