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February 2007

Mac OS X: What Are All Those Processes?

by xenomorph & 4 others (via)
A short list of background processes and daemons running in Mac OS X.

June 2006

PyObjC - Home

by xenomorph & 1 other
The PyObjC project aims to provide a bridge between the Python and Objective-C programming languages. The bridge is intended to be fully bidirectional, allowing the Python programmer to take full advantage of the power provided by various Objective-C based toolkits and the Objective-C programmer transparent access to Python based functionality.


by xenomorph
Here you'll find source code, finished applications and tools by me.

Applescript and Scripting Resources @ MacScripter

by xenomorph & 4 others
AppleScript for Beginners II - Variables and Dictionaries

Iceberg 1.2

by xenomorph
 Iceberg is an Integrated Packaging Environment (IPE) that allows you to create packages or metapackages conforming to the Mac OS X specifications. With Iceberg, you can quickly create your installation packages using a graphic user interface similar to your favorite development tools. Iceberg can also be useful for Administrators who want to gather in a metapackage numerous packages for remote distribution via Apple Remote Desktop.

March 2006

Cocoa Documentation

by xenomorph
Cocoa is an object-oriented application environment designed specifically for developing Mac OS X native applications. The Cocoa frameworks support rapid development and high productivity, and include a full-featured set of classes designed to create robust and powerful Mac OS X applications. Cocoa provides developers starting new Mac OS X projects the fastest way to full-featured, extensible, and maintainable implementations. Applications from UNIX and other platforms can also be brought to Mac OS X quickly by using Cocoa to build state-of-the-art Aqua user interfaces while retaining most existing core code.

ScriptWeb - Macintosh Scripting Resources

by xenomorph
This virtual site is a collaborative effort to provide a starting point for information on Macintosh scripting. Contributions welcome!

Sveinbjorn Thordarson's Website - Platypus

by xenomorph & 1 other
Platypus is a powerful developer tool for creating application wrappers around scripts, i.e. for creating MacOS X applications that execute a bundled script. Scripts can thus be run seamlessly from the graphical window environment, making elegant Mac OS X-native applications from scripts. Here are some of the features Platypus has to offer:

xendai | bellhop overview

by xenomorph
Bellhop allows you to create and publish Mac OS X services using scripting languages such as Ruby, AppleScript, Python, Perl & F-Script. Each Bellhop document consists of a collection of services written in a high-level scripting language. Your documents might contain some services written in Ruby, others in AppleScript and others in Perl or Python or F-Script. The choice is yours.

February 2006

Darwin Documentation

by xenomorph
Darwin is the open source UNIX-based foundation of Mac OS X. Darwin integrates a number of technologies. Among the most important are the Mach 3.0 microkernel operating-system services, based on 4.4BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution), the high-performance networking facilities, and the support for multiple integrated file systems. Darwin also includes a number of command-line tools. Mac OS X developers can use Darwin to port UNIX/Linux applications and to create kernel extensions.

Introduction to Uniform Type Identifiers Overview

by xenomorph
-displaying, or manipulating, files, bundles, or folders. -accessing streaming data -copying and pasting between documents or applications -dragging and dropping between applications . -converting data or file contents using the Translation Manager.

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