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atmos/cinderella @ GitHub

by jpcaruana
Cinderella is a fully managed development environment for open source hacking on Mac OSX. It's powered by homebrew and chef. You only need Xcode to get started.


Aquamacs: Emacs for Mac OS X

by jpcaruana & 2 others
An Editor for Text, HTML, LaTeX, C , Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP, and more...


by Emaux
PortMedia is a set of APIs and library implementations for music and other media. PortMedia is open-source and runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Currently, libraries support Audio I/O and MIDI I/O.


ChucK => Strongly-timed, On-the-fly Audio Programming Language

by jpcaruana & 3 others (via)
ChucK is a new (and developing) audio programming language for real-time synthesis, composition, performance, and now, analysis - fully supported on MacOS X, Windows, and Linux.

Simple DirectMedia Layer

by Emaux & 6 others
Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer. It is used by MPEG playback software, emulators, and many popular games, including the award winning Linux port of "Civilization: Call To Power." SDL supports Linux, Windows, Windows CE, BeOS, MacOS, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, BSD/OS, Solaris, IRIX, and QNX. The code contains support for AmigaOS, Dreamcast, Atari, AIX, OSF/Tru64, RISC OS, SymbianOS, and OS/2, but these are not officially supported. SDL is written in C, but works with C natively, and has bindings to several other languages, including Ada, C#, D, Eiffel, Erlang, Euphoria, Guile, Haskell, Java, Lisp, Lua, ML, Objective C, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Pike, Pliant, Python, Ruby, Smalltalk, and Tcl. SDL is distributed under GNU LGPL version 2. This license allows you to use SDL freely in commercial programs as long as you link with the dynamic library.


F-Script Home

by jpcaruana & 4 others (via)
F-Script is a lightweight open-source scripting layer specifically designed for the Mac OS X object system (i.e. Cocoa). F-Script provides scripting and interactive access to Cocoa frameworks and custom Objective-C objects. It aims to be a useful and fun tool for both beginners and experts, allowing interactively exploring, testing and using Cocoa-based objects and frameworks.


by Emaux & 1 other
Quand Mac OS X, avec ses formidables pouvoirs en matière de développement, est sorti en 2001, aucune ressource n'était disponible sur le Net en langue française pour apprendre à découvrir ce système et les nombreux outils de programmation qui étaient livrés avec. Project:Omega est ainsi né, avec des contenus multi-lingues, afin de susciter l'intérêt des développeurs chevronnés et débutants envers Mac OS X


by jpcaruana & 6 others (via)
wxWidgets lets developers create applications for Win32, Mac OS X, GTK , X11, Motif, WinCE, and more using one codebase. It can be used from languages such as C , Python, Perl, and C#/.NET. Unlike other cross-platform toolkits, wxWidgets applications look and feel native. This is because wxWidgets uses the platform's own native controls rather than emulating them. It's also extensive, free, open-source, and mature.

Versions - Mac Subversion Client

by jpcaruana & 10 others, 1 comment
Versions is the first Mac OS X Subversion client that won't make you long for the command line interface anymore. Without over-simplifying the way Subversion is structured, Versions gives a clear overview and all the tools you'll need

Diffly - Subversion Browsing and Check-in Tool

by jpcaruana & 1 other
Diffly is designed to make it easy to browse a Subversion working copy and see all the changes, across all the files. You can filter out files you don't care about (e.g. externals) and sticky-select files for checking in. When it comes time to check in it's easy to review the changes for the files you are working with and assemble a detailed commit message and check-in.


by kaviar
L'essentiel du Mac en un seul coup d'oeil... applenews.mqcd est un outil destiné à partager et diffuser des nouvelles du monde Apple. Vous avez trouvé quelque chose d'intéressant ? N'hésitez pas à partager votre découverte... Un article vous semble pertinant ? Votez pour lui...


Mac OS Forge

by jpcaruana & 1 other
Mac OS Forge is dedicated to supporting the developer community surrounding open source components specific to Mac OS X. Here you will find resources for working with the source code to popular Apple-original projects, as well as third party projects that are closely related to the Macintosh operating system.

Todd Ditchendorf’s Blog

by jpcaruana & 1 other
author of AquaXSL and XML Nanny

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