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October 2006

yEnc TZ

by jpcaruana
yEnc TZ is a simple, freeware, program that decodes yEnc encoded files.

NewsWatcher-X Home Page

by jpcaruana (via)
NewsWatcher-X is a carbonized version of John Norstad's NewsWatcher program. NewsWatcher-X runs under Mac OS X or with CarbonLib 1.0.4. or later. Have a look at the screen shot to see what it looks like under OS X.

MT-NW Manual: MT-NewsWatcher

by jpcaruana & 1 other
MT-NewsWatcher is a Usenet news client for the Macintosh. Usenet is a globally distributed news network over which many thousands of people distribute messages every day, and which contains discussion groups on virtually every topic under the sun. MT-NewsWatcher allows you to quickly and efficiently target the articles you wish to read, with sophisticated yet easy to use filtering, searching and sorting features. The program also makes viewing and saving binaries from newsgroups easy, and works transparently across multiple news servers. MT-NewsWatcher is derived from an earlier program called simply "NewsWatcher", by John Norstad of Northwestern University, but greatly enhances that program's feature set.


by jpcaruana (via)
NTP client for Mac OS X : Download pictures, movies, and files from newsgroups with NewsHunter. Easy SetUp will have new users downloading quickly. NewsHunter can download everything in your favorite newsgroups or just the articles you select. NewsHunter supports yEnc, UUE, MIME, Base64, and other popular encoding schemes. NewsHunter’s Decoding tab lets you monitor the progress of files being decoded and assembled and the image preview area lets you see downloaded images and delete ones you don’t like. Filter out offending authors with a single click. Use friend filters to download everything from authors you like. NewsHunter will let you seek out, collect, organize, and enjoy everything your favorite newsgroups have to offer.


by jpcaruana (via)
iDiskMenu 1.1.1 is a simple NSStatusItem application that allows users to mount or unmount several iDisk, WebDAV or FTP configuration. Each configuration is customizable. The source code has been compiled with Xcode 1.1 and is written in Cocoa.

September 2006


by jpcaruana & 2 others
KisMAC is a wireless stumbler for MacOS X

August 2006

Vienna Features

by bcd & 1 other
Lecteur de fils RSS

Mac OS Forge

by jpcaruana & 1 other
Mac OS Forge is dedicated to supporting the developer community surrounding open source components specific to Mac OS X. Here you will find resources for working with the source code to popular Apple-original projects, as well as third party projects that are closely related to the Macintosh operating system.

July 2006

June 2006

Things MacOS X

by jpcaruana & 8 others
A Guide to “Things MacOS X” on the Net...


by jpcaruana
High Speed Video Encoder for mac

by jpcaruana & 1 other
linux distro for PPC processors


by jpcaruana
This program may be used to setup and customize a PostgreSQL server : Just drop in your application folder, launch it, and customize your server

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