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How to generate colour bitmap fonts for Mac OS 10.7/8 | Typophile

by sbrothier
A while ago I researched out of curiosity if it was possible to build fonts with embedded colour bitmaps like the Apple Color Emoji font on Mac OS 10.7/10.8. I figured out the «sbix» table format and wrote some code that can be hooked into the Python FontTools to decompile and compile the sbix table which contains the image data.


Tinrocket, LLC | HyperDither

by sbrothier & 1 other
HyperDither is an OS X image processing utility that converts color or grayscale images to 1 bit black & white using a sophisticated dithering routine. Specifically, HyperDither implements the “Atkinson” dithering filter. Years ago, during the development of the first Macintosh, Bill Atkinson (of HyperCard, QuickDraw, MacPaint & now nature photography fame) discovered a very elegant dithering filter to convert greyscale image data for the 1 bit black & white Mac video display. The dithering produced by this routine was much higher quality than the now-a-days ubiquitous Floyd-Steinberg or “Error-diffusion” filter (used by QuickTime, PhotoShop).


Lithoglyph » Mondrianum

by sbrothier & 1 other
Lithoglyph’s Mondrianum is a powerful plug-in that enables Mac applications to leverage the resources of the kuler community. Once installed, Mondrianum acts like a built-in, system-wide color picker, available in any Mac application that supports this feature of Mac OS X. Apple’s own iWork™ and iLife® suites, Google Sketchup™, Adobe® Photoshop®, and renowned applications like Coda, CSSEdit, and many more, all work well with Mondrianum.


Bronson Beta - Hey Folders!

by antoine & 3 others
Color icons for color labels. Hey Folders! adds colored folder icons to Apple's Finder. Instead of a generic icon, labeled folders show up in the appropriate color.


ColourMod Dashboard Widget » DHTML Colour Picker

by kruty & 1 other
Sick of having to open up Photoshop, or another graphics program just so you can get a color value? Tired of not having a quick and easy way of converting Hex values to RGB, CMYK or HSV? ColourMod for OS X Tiger's Dashboard interface brings ease and simplicity to colour picking on the Mac and solves those problems.

13.3-inch MacBook

by tokitama

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