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January 2007

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Does Cheating End a Relationship?

by webbers
It depends. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

Why People Stay Single in a Family World?

by webbers
Being single is much better than being locked in an unhappy relationship.

The Love Triangle

by webbers & 1 other
How to deal with love triangles.

December 2006

Land of the Large Things

by stacy & 2 others, 2 comments
A trip to the USA in summer 2006 to look at big stuff and look at all the road signs until I find myself.

Land of the Large Things

by nathan & 2 others, 2 comments
A trip to the USA in summer 2006 to look at big stuff and look at all the road signs until I find myself.

Free Daily Horoscopes, 2007 Horoscopes

by tangerine & 1 other
Probably the best daily horoscopes, and insightful horoscope love matches section.

November 2006

Where to Look For Love

by F&L
Some really cool, everyday places where to look for love. But we always miss them - probably because they are so everyday! :)

What I know about how to meet and charm women

by bondiboy
Women are a mystery to many men, me included a lot of the time. We desire them, but are also baffled by them. Despite all their bravado, most young men have no idea how to meet and charm women.

October 2006


by watsonxu & 1 other (via)
At rest, our Heart has much to say. Just move or click to make it play!

Foley shames Republicans, but would do Democrats proud

by jasontromm
The Democrats finally have their issue. Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) resigned his seat in the House of Representatives on Friday, September 29, after news leaked that he had sexually harassed an underage male Congressional page. Foley repeatedly e-mailed and instant messaged the page, revoltingly asking him to undress, to measure his genitals with a ruler, to list details regarding frequency and method of masturbation, and to tell Foley when he was aroused. "[I'd] love to slip [your shorts] off you and [grab] the one-eyed snake," Foley messaged the teen.

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