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Gaël Dupret Photographies | 12-05-05 - Endless Night Vampire Ball" thématique : LOST BOYS BEACH BALL

by bouilloire
Pour public averti. En tout cas, je suis bien contente d'avoir mis du rouge :)



Unearthing the lost advertising of the sealed-off London Underground

by bouilloire
J'ai d'ailleurs eu l'occasion de voir l'équivalent parisien et c'est bien sympa :)

Lost and passengers on Vimeo

by rax262 (via)
Comparison of the movie Passengers to tv show Lost.

Lost - Someone From Bad Robot's Take

by marco & 1 other
Lost explained by someone from Bad Robots

Hey, is that J.J. Abrams claiming that Lost doesn't take place in Purgatory?

by bouilloire
Ce sont les commentaires qui sont à lire. io9 étant à coté de la plaque

Lost was the ultimate long con

by bouilloire
Lost, the show, was absolutely genius at making you care about stuff. That was one of the half dozen things that Lost was brilliant at getting us to invest in, along with intriguingly murky characters and starkly surreal storytelling. Probably the greatest weapon in Lost's arsenal was always its ability to make you care, desperately, feverishly about what happened to these people.

The Five Types of Lost Fans -

by bouilloire (via)
Par élimination je suis une hardcore fan. "They're also watching: Battlestar Galactica (for the eighth time), Fringe (to relax and give their minds a break) " Peut-être pas pour la 8ème fois mais pourquoi pas les revoir un jour oui. Je veux le super coffret collector en tout cas :)

"Foggy memories of LOST" – un set su Flickr

by 4004 (via)

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