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August 2013

May 2013

Brandseen - Logo Coloring Game

by sbrothier
How well do you know some of the most popular brands on earth? Find out by selecting the color you associate with each logo - you'll be scored based on how close your response matches the original brand. See how well your score compares with others! Enjoy.

April 2013

Twitter / Logo & Marke

by 84GHz
Diese Bestimmungen sollen Dir helfen, unsere Marke und Inhalte zu nutzen, einschließlich unseres Logos, unserer Inhalte und Markenzeichen, ohne dass Du Dir darüber Gedanken machen musst, einen separaten Vertrag mit uns auszuhandeln oder mit unseren Anwälten zu sprechen.

March 2013

January 2013

Atelier Muesli

by ainos & 7 others
MÜESLI (FR) Müesli est un atelier de design graphique créé en 2008 par Mytil Ducomet & Léa Chapon. L’atelier travaille dans les champs du graphisme, de l’édition, de l’identité, de la signalétique et du web. Attentifs à la conception globale du projet autant qu’à son exigence graphique et typographique, nous développons un vocabulaire basé à la fois sur une approche conceptuelle et une vision graphique originale. La démarche du studio s’enrichie d’un travail d’auto-production allant de la typographie à l’illustration en passant par la gravure ou encore la sérigraphie.

The ULTIMATE GUIDE to logo design: 25 expert tips | Graphic design | Creative Bloq

by Monique

Follow these pro tips and create your best ever logo design. Paul Wyatt reveals everything you need to know to improve your designs.

November 2012

Brand New: It’s a Sports Nation, we are only Living in it

by sbrothier
Launched in 2004, SB Nation (short for Sports Blog Nation) is a massive network of more than 300 blogs run by paid sports writers-slash-fans. Combined, SB Nation pulls in 100 million pageviews a month through 20 million unique visitors, 80% of them dudes. While there is a mothership blog that covers sports in general, SB Nation’s real appeal are its local and team blogs, dedicated to the micro concerns of fans in different cities and for specific sports and teams, i.e., there is SB Nation Chicago for all of its citizens but there is also Bleed Cubbie Blue for the MLB’s Cubs, Windy City Gridiron for the NFL’s Bears, and Blog a Bull for the NBA’s Bulls. Over the years, each blog has been given free reign to design its own logo based on its own puny, insider-ey name — the result has been humorous yet mostly crummy, rectangular pieces of artwork. Earlier this month, in preparation for a relaunch of the look and functionality of its blogs, SB Nation introduced new logos for ALL blogs through a unified approach, designed by London-based Fraser Davidson. ALL of them, designed by Fraser Davidson. 300-plus.

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