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August 2006

Purse Lip Square Jaw

by metroboy & 2 others
Anne Galloway Lecturer & PhD Candidate Department of Sociology & Anthropology Carleton University Ottawa, Canada

The Centripetal City: Telecommunications, the Internet, and the Shaping of the Modern Urban Environment |

by metroboy
Modern telecommunications emerged in the mid-nineteenth century. The optical telegraph, invented in the 1790s and based on semaphore signaling systems, had by the 1830s formed a network across Europe, allowing messages to be transmitted from Paris to Am

by metroboy
Begun as a research unit within the Southern California Institute of Architecture, Architecture Urbanism Design Collaborative [AUDC] is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using the tools of architecture to research the role of the individual an

July 2005

Monopoly Live

by Sheino & 1 other
We have turned London into a real-life playing board, and real taxi cabs into real-life playing pieces.

ARGN - Alternate Reality Gaming Network

by Sheino
The largest and most complete resource available for players of online collaborative Alternate Reality Games.


by Sheino & 3 others
With Foundcity you send photos and text messages from the street to your personal map and tag it, share it, blog it.

June 2005

Symbian Dater

by Sheino
Symbian Dater uses the bluetooth technology on your phone turning it into a powerful matching tool for finding compatible partners within your area.

May 2005 :: mobile social software

by Sheino
Tell Dodgeball where you are and messages will be sent to all your friends letting them known, so you can meet up. Dodgeball has just been aquired by Google.

: Mind Candy :

by Sheino
Design puzzles for Cross Media Entertainment and Alternate Reality Games. Mind Candy's current main client is the Perplex City Academy, whom they are working with to develop a puzzle game to aid the retrieval of the Receda Cube.

Proboscis | SoMa | projects | urban tapestries

by Sheino & 2 others
Urban Tapestries is a project exploring social and cultural uses of the convergence of place and mobile technologies through transdisciplinary research.

iMAGE zONE/citysnapper_game

by Sheino
A real time interactive game for the contemporary metropolitan space, using an online 3D interface with a modeling of the city, SMS server technology and digital photography.

April 2005

:: Rabble ::

by ramage
newly launched mobile blogging, newsreader and networking tool: looks very interesting, for the mobile-enabled among us.

'Ere Be Dragons - pocket PC game based on user's heartbeat

by Sheino
'Ere Be Dragons is the prototype of a new creative game for pocket PC's that takes you into a virtual world created by your own heartbeat.

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