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Re3 StoryHack - A hackathon for storytellers with a conscience. October 5 & 6, 2013 / NYC

by sbrothier
We left this weekend in awe of your creative talent bursting into bloom around the issues that matter. Thank you, all of you, for your time, passion, commitment, and talent. Together, we're helping shift attention and forge paradigm shifts, all for the common good



New York Magazine -- Daily NYC Guide -- New York Metro

by sbrothier & 6 others is the official website for New York Magazine. It is a smart, critical guide to life in the city for readers who want to stay on top of the players, trends, culture and politics of city life . It delivers timely insight on everything from local entertainment options to real estate trends, from the hottest hairstylists to the best neurologists, from the restaurant scene to the singles scene. It's a must-read for New Yorkers who want to know what’s new in the city.


Domani Studios | ©2006

by sbrothier & 1 other
Whether you need to change the way your business looks, or revolutionize the way it communicates, Domani Studios can provide positive and measurable online results


Graffiti Analysis

by sbrothier
by : Hell, Jesus saves, aveone & katsu

Highline Entry

by sbrothier
The High Line is a 1.5-mile historic, defunct, elevated rail structure on Manhattan’s west side. This site showcases the plans for the eventual restoration of the entire structure and presents the preliminary designs for the construction of the first section. In what’s quickly becoming an over-developed area, the High Line will offer a rambling oasis for New Yorkers.

Graffiti Taxonomy

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
Graffiti Taxonomy presents isolated letters from various graffiti tags, reproduced in similar scales and at close proximity. - it has nothing to do with me

by sbrothier
I take pictures, write, build websites, and make short movies. I usually keep several projects going at once, since I haven't yet figured out how to combine all of the things I like to do into one big project. In a way, this site is an attempt at doing that.

The Barbers of New York

by sbrothier
The Big Apple may have a million fancy restaurants and roped-off snobby clubs, but its the barbershops where the real schmoozing happens. Photographer and writer Lisa Whiteman visits a variety of New York salons and returns with a gallery and an essay.

"The Crackers"

by sbrothier
For New York Times coverage of the Gates and of The Crackers (or download PDF) ••• Also featured in The International Herald Tribune, amNewYork, ABC NEWS NOW

Jimi Sweet: The Gates in QuickTime VR

by sbrothier (via)
The Gates in QuickTime VR / Photos of the new Christo installation in NYC

Project Rebirth

by sbrothier
Chronicling the rebirth of ground zero in New York City - Timeline...

Animated Manhattan

by sbrothier
Manhattan Timeformation is a computer model wich simultaneously presents a layered, cartographic history of the lower half of Manhattan Island, and an exploded timeline chronicling the real estate development of high-rise office buildings wich constitute the skylines of midtown and downtoawn Manhattan.

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