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Litterature | Livres audio gratuits à écouter et télécharger

by sbrothier & 10 others
Des Livres à Lire et à Entendre est une association loi 1901 qui a pour objet de faciliter l’accès de tous et en particulier des non-voyants et malvoyants aux joies de la littérature.


Montezuma Booktrailer, At the Mountains of Madness mp3 (free), Illuminati comics and more....

by Elvezio
Some links and info on where to find booktrailer for Montezuma Airbag Your Pardon, the free online drama for At The Mountains of Madness (from HPL notorious novel) and basic info on the Illuminati twist in Marvel Civil War saga...

Stardom - Is This How It Should Be?

by healeyisland
Follow Dee Dee Healey as he attempts to gain music world mega-stardom and fails. This well written comic blog details what it is really like in the world of bands, gigs and touring. Honest.


Minimum Rock'n'roll

by sbrothier
« Les héros du rock’n’roll avaient tous une chose en commun : l’amour des Cadillac » Nick Tosches Ne pas râter Escarpins, Boots de cuir et Claquettes à papa

La Belle Dame Sans Merci

by jessebuck
One of John Keats most famous and beloved poems.


by sidekick & 1 other (via)
Quote: 最後想講的是,有些流行歌詞是垃圾,有些文學研究、文化研究亦然。有人收錢寫出廢物,也有人坐在象牙塔裡地指指點點,說的也是廢物。所以,有甚麼文學教授專欄作家說流行歌詞如何如何一文不值,寫歌的和聽歌的都沒有必要自卑。


by jackysee & 1 other (via)
Quote: 最後想講的是,有些流行歌詞是垃圾,有些文學研究、文化研究亦然。有人收錢寫出廢物,也有人坐在象牙塔裡地指指點點,說的也是廢物。所以,有甚麼文學教授專欄作家說流行歌詞如何如何一文不值,寫歌的和聽歌的都沒有必要自卑。



by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
The coolest in alternative music, streettheatre, film, comedy, visual arts, literature, and entertainment. A township with 55,000 inhabitants, hundreds of performances, dozens of bars and restaurants and no less than eight stages, including a cinema and a theatre. Market stalls, hippie grounds, strange creatures, its own radio and tv broadcasts and a daily newspaper. Plus several luxury campsites. Paradise, anyone?

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