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07 June 2011 08:00

Sherlock Holmes and the King's Evil By Donald Thomas

by jenny82
The Case of the Zimmermann Telegram, the author uses Holmes to explain the events that led to the exposure of the telegram transmitted by the German Foreign Office through the US diplomatic pouch as a courtesy and then sent by commercial telegraph service to the German Counsel in Mexico City.

07 June 2011 07:00

Complete Sherlock Holmes

by jenny82
Here, collected in one volume, are all four full-length novels and 56 short stories chronicling the colorful adventures of Sherlock Holmes--every word Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ever wrote about Baker Street's most famous resident.

07 June 2011 03:00

The Fourth Durango by Ross Thomas

by jenny82
The Fourth Durango is not your ordinary Durango. It's not in Spain, or Mexico, and it's not a ski town in the Colorado Rockies, although Durangos do exist in all of those places

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