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5 More Tips on Increasing Blogging Productivity

by blogsir
1、Collect a list of URLs. 2、Double up sources. 3、Use a power web browser. 4、Customize bookmark folders. 5、Summarize and expand. 6、Use an in-browser editor.

January 2008


by blogsir
1、文章的主要观点是什么?表达清楚了没有? 2、我希望该文的读者做些什么?我是否引导他们这么做? 3、文章是否有用? 4、内容是否唯一? 5、我所写的是拉近还是偏离了我的博客目标? 6、是否使用了吸引人的标题? 7、拼写和语法是否正确? 8、是否能够更简介些? 9、是否注明引用或启发的来源? 10、是否链接到以前的相关文章,或其他blogger的类似文章? 11、是否给读者留有评论的空间?是否请求他们评论? 12、访客会通过什么样的关键词搜索这个话题?是否对这些关键词进行了优化? 13、该怎样对这篇文章进行延伸? 翻译自Problogger的13 Questions to Ask Before Publishing a Post On Your Blog

Emma Alvarez Site: Top Best 50 Blogger & Wordpress Customizations Tips ( Hacks )

by springnet
Dynamic Slideshow In Header, A demo can be seen here. This makes a slideshow for the header, making your blog interesting and dynamic.

10 Simple Productivity Tips for Bloggers

by blogsir
1. Write more than you publish. 2. Turn off auto-notifiers. 3. Check email less, deal with more. 4. Write multiple posts when you’re feeling creative. 5. Use your feed reader as an all-purpose inbox. 6. Process different tasks in batches. 7. Develop a ‘To Post’ list. 8. Keep a reserve of post ideas. 9. Spend less time reading feeds. 10. Sketch out your posts before filling in the detail.

25 Blog Improvement Tips For The New Year

by blogsir & 1 other
1. Figure out what you’re really an expert in. 2. Put your readers first. 3. Subscribe to other blogs. 4. Comment on other blogs. 5. Link to other blogs. 6. Have a reader survey to find out what your readers really think about your blog. 7. Change your ads around. 8. Declutter your blog. 9. Sign up at a new social networking service. 10. Hold a blog contest. 11. Set up automated blog back ups. 12. Update your blog’s software. 13. Update your plugins. 14. Write for another blog. 15. Ask people to write for your blog. 16. Take a vacation. 17. Set up a blog posting schedule. 18. Throw out your blog posting schedule. 19. Choose (or create) a new theme. 20. Write from a new perspective. 21. Change your writing environment. 22. Stir things up. 23. Use more images. 24. Get more personal. 25. Remind yourself that blogging is fun.


by blogsir
1、资源列表 2、技巧列表 3、有效的建议 4、讨论热门话题 5、引人注目的标题 6、采访名人问答 7、最佳系列的列表

10 Ways Twitter Can Boost Your Social News Profile

by blogsir
1) Match Your Usernames and Avatars 2) Search Twitter for Twitter Users Mentioning Your Favorite Social Site 3) Search Google for Profiles on Your Favorite Social News Sites Mentioning Twitter 4) Link to your Twitter Account from All Your Social Profiles 5) Ask Readers of Your Blog to Follow You 6) "Twitter-jack" Active Social News & Twitter Users' Friends 7) Ask Questions 8) Don't Just Spam Twitter, Add Value 9) Post the Title with the URL 10) Consider Using a Social Media Specific URL Shortener

Blog之原罪 三章

by blogsir
首先,Blogger还是要多了多了解一些作为Blogger所应该知道的事情: - Blog是Blogger个人的内容发布平台,它代表着你在网络上的个人形象; - Blog的浏览量中有大量来自搜索引擎,其中很大一部分不是你的内容真正的读者; - 没有一个Blog订阅数的统计服务,能精确的呈现你的读者数量; - 浏览量的多少和这个Blog的好坏或者影响力的大小,没有直接关系; - 你可以用Blog来赚钱,但不要把Blog当作一个只用来赚钱的工具; - CPM或者CPA计费方式的在线广告并不是利用Blog获得收入的最佳方式。 所以,作一个好的Blogger所需要作的只是: - 选择一个可靠的Blog服务商或者Blog发布系统; - 认真书写每一个Blog Post的内容; - 保持个人的观点和风格; - 保持写作的热情和勤奋; - 关注你的读者,关注和你相关的其它Blogger。

December 2007

How to keep your visitors feel at home

by blogsir
- Provide the content that your blog says it would give. - Be friendly - Market yourself but visitors aren’t fools - Respect them - Communicate with them

10 Reasons Commenting is Good For Bloggers

by blogsir
评论有益于bloggers的10个理由 1、It’s the right thing to do 2、Make friends and influence people 3、Clicks 4、Develop a Bloggers Eye 5、Create Commentable Content 6、Comments = Ideas 7、You never know who is reading 8、What you give you get more of 9、Keep Match Fit 10、Comment on Fresh Blogs For Fresh Perspectives

Live Blogging Tips

by blogsir
总结的一些Blogging 经验

How To Create Interactivity In Your Blog

by blogsir
The more a blog is interactive, the more success to the blogger and hence more earnings to the blogger. 1. Reply To Every Comment 2. Organize A Competition 3. Reward Your Regular Commentators 4. Offer Your Service 5. Mail Them


by blogsir
1. They are short 很短 2. They are easy to remember 容易被记住 3. They are easy to spell 容易拼写 4. They have a .com extension 采用.com 后缀 5. They are descriptive 描述性 6. Or brandable 容易使人联想 7. They don’t contain hyphens or numbers 不包含连字符和数字

101 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Without Irritating Your Readers

by blogsir
Check out 101 ways that you can earn money from your blog and learn strategies for using these tools and methods in a way that's reader-friendly. 文章总结了101种通过blog 赚钱的同时另读者觉得友好的各种工具和策略方法。

Use These 10 Tips to Write Your Most Popular Post Ever

by blogsir
1. Time is more important than talent. 2. Use your best idea. 3. Use formatting to your advantage. 4. Brainstorm headlines. 5. Invest plenty of value in your post. 6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 7. Tell them what you’re going to tell them. 8. Send messages with links. 9. Utilize your network. 10. Examine what worked before.

16 Things To Do After Starting A New WordPress Blog

by blogsir
1、Blog Design 2、Add Categories 3、Add an About Page 4、Install All In One SEO Pack 5、Customize Permalink Structure 6、Create a FeedBurner feed for your blog 7、Install the FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin 8、Put a RSS button on your blog 9、Start Writing 10、Install the Google Sitemaps plugin 11、Create a Robots.txt file 12、Add your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools 13、Set preferred domain 14、Install Akismet plugin 15、Add a Contact form 16、Install Subscribe to Comments

8 Bad Decisions When Starting a New Website

by blogsir
1、Free or Cheap Web Hosting 2、Not Buying a Domain Name 3、Not Getting the Right Domain Name 4、Designing Exclusively for Search Engines 5、Prioritizing the Look Over the Content 6、Forgetting About the Target Market 7、Poor Navigation 8、Ineffective Keyword Targeting Another one that I added in the comments was to make sure that the domain you are buying has not been banned by Google in the past. You can research that with iWebTool.

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