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jQuery.popeye - an inline lightbox alternative | Christoph Schüßler » Informationsarchitektur und so

by camel & 4 others (via)
The plugin transforms an unoredered list of images into a box displaying only one preview image at a time. The box has controls to skim through the preview images and to enlarge a given image. The box expands to accomodate the enlarged version, while the controls are hidden in full image size mode. A simple click on the image returns the box to its compact state. The compact box has fixed, automatically calculated dimensions. The widht and height are calculated so that all thumbnail images are cropped to the smallest width and height in the set and centered resulting image area (stage).

jQuery listnav plugin - javascript navigation control to manage alphabetical lists

by srcmax & 4 others
This jQuery plugin supplies an easy way to unobtrusively add a letter-based navigation widget to any UL or OL list. An easily stylable (via CSS) nav bar appears above the list, showing the user the letters A-through-Z. Clicking one of the letters filters the list to show only the items in the list that start with that letter.

galleria - Google Code

by camel & 3 others (via)
Galleria is a javascript image gallery written in jQuery. It loads the images one by one from an unordered list and displays thumbnails when each image is loaded. It will create thumbnails for you if you choose so, scaled or unscaled, centered and cropped inside a fixed thumbnail box defined by CSS. The core of Galleria lies in it's smart preloading behaviour, snappiness and the fresh absence of obtrusive design elements. Use it as a foundation for your custom styled image gallery.

7 Tools For Fighting Spam In WordPress

by blogsir & 1 other
7个Wordpress反垃圾信息的工具 1、Akismet 2、Bad Behavior 3、 4、Simple CAPTCHA 5、Simple Trackback Validation 6、Spam Karma 2 7、WP Spam Hitman » jdMenu Hierarchical Menu Plugin for jQuery

by camel & 1 other
The jdMenu plugin for jQuery provides a clean, simple and elegant solution for creating hierarchical drop down menus for websites to web applications. View the feature list below to see if jdMenu is the solution for you.


digitalBush » Masked Input Plugin

by camel & 12 others (via)
A mask is defined by a format made up of mask and placeholder characters. Any character not in the placeholder character list below is considered a mask character. Mask characters will be automatically entered for the user as they type and will not be able to be removed by the user.

Shankar Ganesh | Tech Blog » Blog Archive » Twitter Greasemonkey Scripts Collection

by springnet
I’ve been using Twitter for the past few days and I’m hooked. I searched for some Greasemonkey scripts for twitter and found these.


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