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Artica for Postfix, a full Postfix Management console

by camel & 1 other
You are not a Linux expert, Artica for Postfix allows you to install a full solution by one single command line: * Postfix: Main MTA * Kaspersky Anti-spam: powerfull Anti-spam provided by Kaspersky Inc * Kaspersky Anti-Virus * Bogofilter : Bayesian anti-spam * OpenLDAP: Database for main configuration and user management * emailrelay: little SMTP server (used as a content-filter) * SQLite library: zeroconf sql database engine with high perfomances. * Cyrus-imap: powerfull MDA System * Procmail: MDA Filter * Fetchmail: Email retreival * DnsMasq:DNS forwarder and DHCP server * Mailman:Mailing List manager * Sieve: End-user mail filters * Yorel script: Statistics of yorel * QueueGraph: Statistics for postfix * MailGraph: Statistics for postfix * AWSTats and geoip plugin: Statistics set for postfix * renattach: attachments filter


Database Zone » Top 10 free MySQL tools

by springnet
Here are some of the best free MySQL tools out there. The description is not my review of the product, it is just what the developers say about their tools. If you know some other good ones, you can drop a comment.


UVL - Games

by Blade
All the best games, with screenshots, description and ranking.


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