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Leadifly - Lead Generation Software

by equis
A new list building Wordpress plugin that enables you to get hundreds of real email addresses of your website visitors. This lead generation software uses a new method to build list that's perfect for both newbie and internet marketing experts.


WRITING - 5 Tools Every Blogger Should be Using! – Going Big — The Official Crowdfire Blog

by decembre (via)
1. Grammarly (Addon - : Tenses, Conjunctions, Punctuation. Advise or Advice. Co-operate or Cooperate. This nifty tool helps me proofread my work of creation to make sure there are no spelling mistakes no commas missing and that my end result reads well. I just have to copy and paste my text into Grammarly’s Editor and see it work its magic! 2. Power Thesaurus ( This tool makes sure I never run out of words. Ever. Abnormality can become Anomaly, Excitement can become Exhilaration, Untidy to Unkempt, Indirect to Vicarious …. the possibilities are endless! 3. ZenPen ( : I find myself experimenting with all of that little editing/ (formatting?) tools available at the side while writing before I even have the first sentence ready. It gives me a minimalist writing space to write my blogposts without any distractions. 4. Hemingway ( My one stop tool to refine my blog post and make it publish ready! It does everything: Highlights grammatical errors, Points out complex words and suggests alternatives, Flags passive voices, and, Highlights sentences which are difficult to read and could do with breaking lines. 5. Evernote ( Evernote is that super handy tool that helps me take the right notes, so I can bring them all together when I put pen to paper in my next blog post. Evernote lets me note down things on the go wherever I am. I can note down Texts, Images and even Audios for when I want to revisit them later.




VIDEO SITES - List of video hosting services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by decembre (via)
Video hosting services refers to websites or software where users can distribute their video clips. Other sites such as file hosting services, image hosting services and social network services might support video sharing as an enhancement to their primary mission, but in general, they are not listed here.

Zebra Perde

by Webtam (via)
Perdecoskun firması farkıyla en iyi zebra perde modellerini sunan firma 2014 kreasyon ürünleriyle ve uygun fiyatlarıyla siz müşterilerinin hizmetindedir.


CSS - COMPTEUR / COUNTER - Précisions sur les compteurs CSS - Jy[B]log

by decembre (via)
Selon la spécification, il s'agit de la création d'une nouvelle instance d'un compteur. Ce compteur est visible au niveau des balises indiquées par le sélecteur, et de leurs balises filles, mais pas dans le reste du document. Ainsi dans Je n'ai pas indiqué de counter-reset pour le compteur chapter. Du coup il est crée implicitement à chaque fois que j'y fais appel, donc dans chaque H2. Du coup la numérotation de mes H2 ne se fait pas, et j'ai toujours 1. Pour régler ce problème, il a fallu que je fasse un reset du compteur sur la balise mère de mes h2, qui est dans mon exemple body

Awesome PHP Libraries and Resources

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
An extensive list of interesting PHP libraries and frameworks


Find Custom Streaming Video Hosting for Your Website - VidCompare

by holyver (via)
To find the right Online Video Platform (OVP) for your business you can search by provider name in the upper right corner, try our Advanced Search using pull-downs and pick lists, or search by use case by clicking the green links below.

Every Online Video Platform (OVP) on the Market: A Reference List on – Online Video Strategies, Platforms, News, and Tips

by holyver (via)
To help you, we present this complete list of every OVP currently on the market. It’s a fast-changing area, so we’ll update it a few times a year.


Useful "X headers" | mobiForge

by Xavier Lacot
A rather complete list of useful "X-" prefixed HTTP headers, which might get helpful for collecting or transmitting informations.

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