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July 2006

Essentials, 2006 edition [dive into mark]

by springnet & 9 others
Now that I’ve completed my move to Linux (sorry Mac fanboys, the install was flawless and everything worked out of the box), someone emailed me to suggest that I update my essential software list. So here you go.


by springnet & 2 others
This project was started after the newly defined mission of was created. Part of the mission is "To help spread Linux and open source software around the world". This project is one way we are going to fulfill this mission. There are many

A simple Linux backup method

by springnet & 3 others
This article describes a simple backup method that I use every day to backup my home Linux systems. It's an easy method that non-technical Linux users can use to backup their important data. We'll discuss the decisions you have to make in order to do a th

Booting into Rescue Mode

by springnet
If you select Continue, it attempts to mount your file system under the directory /mnt/sysimage/. If it fails to mount a partition, it notifies you. If you select Read-Only, it attempts to mount your file system under the directory /mnt/sysimage/, but in Linux Command line Notes

by springnet
This is a collection of useful linux notes Mostly command line tricks

June 2006

May 2006

ISP-Server Setup - Ubuntu 5.10 "Breezy Badger" - Page 3 | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

by springnet
apt-get install binutils cpp cpp-4.0 fetchmail flex gcc gcc-4.0 libarchive-zip-perl libc6-dev libcompress-zlib-perl libdb4.3-dev libpcre3 libpopt-dev linux-kernel-headers lynx m4 make ncftp nmap openssl perl perl-modules unzip zip zlib1g-dev autoconf auto

April 2006 Managing Disk Space with LVM

by springnet
A simple, practical example of LVM use is a traditional file server, which provides centralized backup, storage space for media files, and shared file space for several family members' computers. Flexibility is a key requirement; who knows what storage ch

March 2006

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