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How To Block Spammers/Hackers With mod_defensible On Apache2 (Debian Etch) | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

by camel
mod_defensible is an Apache 2.x module intended to block spammers/hackers/script kiddies using DNSBL servers. It will look at the client IP and check it in one or several DNSBL servers and return a 403 Forbidden page to the client. This guide shows how to install and use it with Apache 2 on a Debian Etch server.

HOWTO Spam Filtering with Spamdyke in front of Qmail - Gentoo Linux Wiki

by camel (via)
This HOWTO should give an overview on using spamdyke SMTP filter in front of the mail-mta/netqmail mailserver. From the spamdyke website: spamdyke is a filter for monitoring and intercepting SMTP connections between a remote host and a qmail server. When a connection is established from a spam source (as determined by the active filters), spamdyke will reject the email -- qmail never sees it.


Full Mail Server Solution w/ Virtual Domains & Users (Debian Etch, Postfix, Mysql, Dovecot, DSpam, ClamAV, Postgrey, RBL) | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

by camel
This guide describes how to set up a full email solution in Debian Linux (all code is from Debian Etch). I was asked to design a secure, scalable, portable solution for a small company. While the guide references many 'servers', the company only had 4 physical machines, Xen was used to virtualize the entire solution. That particular aspect of the system is not discussed in this guide, although I will try to get it into the next revision.

Nuclear Elephant: The DSPAM Project

by camel
DSPAM is a scalable and open-source content-based spam filter designed for multi-user enterprise systems. On a properly configured system, many users experience results between 99.5% - 99.95%, or one error for every 200 to 2000 messages. DSPAM supports many different MTAs and can also be deployed as a stand-alone SMTP appliance. For developers, the DSPAM core engine (libdspam) can be easily incorporated directly into applications for drop-in filtering (GPL applies; commercial licenses are also available).


SPAM filtern mit Greylisting

by nn4l
How to filter spam using greylisting. Has a large white list.

Howto install of Qmail/vpopmail/courier-imap...

by springnet & 2 others
QMAIL + Vpopmail + courier-imap + Qmailadmin + MySql + Spamassassin + clamav + Squirrelmail + stats (Isoqlog, qms-analog, qmailanalog & qmail MRTG) under Linux

FEHCom - Qmail Support Page [SPAMCONTROL]

by springnet
SPAMCONTROL is an extension qmail. Though mainly used to filter and control unsolicited commercial E-Mails (UCE/SPAM), since release 2 it includes substantial EMSTP protocol enhancements for qmail.

Spamassassin & Qmail

by springnet
Although (by now) I don't use Spamassassin myself, I have it done once and it worked for me. People have asked me about it, so I put the pieces here together.

Qmail-Scanner - A Content Scanner for Qmail

by springnet & 2 others
Qmail-Scanner is an add-on that enables a Qmail email server to scan gatewayed email for certain characteristics (i.e. a content scanner). It is typically used for its anti-virus and anti-spam protection functions, in which case it is used in conjunction

Chris Hardie - qmail Anti-Spam HOWTO

by springnet
options for system administrators who want to implement anti-spam mechanisms at the system-wide level.

The qmail newbie's guide to relaying

by springnet & 1 other
there's a fair amount of confusion on the subject of relaying mail and what the rcpthosts file has to do with it, and how tcpserver's tcprules can affect it. So I've written the following, exceedingly wordy explanation of relaying and how to do it selecti

The DSPAM Project

by aston
outil anti-spam

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