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April 2006

March 2006

Remote Network Boot via PXE

by fakechris
remote network boot and installation


by fakechris & 10 others
No single point of failure file system

February 2006

E-mail Server Installation Checklist

by post2005
Useful Checklist for planning and looking at the bigger picture of an email server installation before plunging into the technical details of actual installation, configuration, testing and putting into production.

The Linux Virtual Server Project - Linux Server Cluster for Load Balancing

by dcancel & 4 others
The Linux Virtual Server is a highly scalable and highly available server built on a cluster of real servers, with the load balancer running on the Linux operating system.

Monitoring Servers and Clients using Munin in Debian Linux

by david23
This is very easy monitoring system for all your servers and client machines.This will monitor you servers and client hard disk space,processes,cpu load,disk activity and many more applications support

Complete Debian Linux Server Setup Tutorial

by david23 & 4 others
This is atep by step tutorials how to setup Debian server this includes Debian Installation FTP Server Setup in debian Webserver Setup in Debian Samba Server Setup in Debian Database Server Setup in Debian Time clock sync for debian server Mail Server Configuration in Debian VNC Server setup in Debian Proxy Server Setup in Debian SSH Server Setup in Debian tftp Server Setup in Debian DHCP Server Setup in Debian IPtables Configuration in Debian DNS Server Setup in debian

January 2006

a work on process » MySQL 5.1

by François Hodierne (via)
Mysql will support XPath and event scheduling.