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27 March 2008

Configuring and troubleshooting ITDS 6.1 on AIX

by BlueVoodoo
This article is a cookbook for implementing IBM Tivoli Directory Server (ITDS) on AIX 5L and AIX 610 machines. The article briefly explains creating, configuring, and unconfiguring single or multiple directory server instances using AIX utility and ITDS native commands. Also miscellaneous problems are explained, along with their solutions.

26 March 2008

Terminal functions for shell scripting with Shell Curses

by BlueVoodoo
"Shell Curses" is a library of script functions that provide the shell programmer the ability to perform text-based cursor movements to specified locations on the screen. This ability permits the creation of menuing and data-entry systems using shell scripts without the need for compiled binaries. These functions are similar to the "C" language "Curses" library.

25 March 2008

IBM Web 2.0 Developer Kit

by BlueVoodoo
Organizations want to take advantage of open, flexible Web 2.0 technologies. They want to use social software and mash-ups to add a new dimension of imagination and innovation. IBM's Web 2.0 solutions are already helping businesses apply Web 2.0 technologies across the globe to gain a competitive advantage.

24 March 2008

Building custom language parsers with ANTLR

by BlueVoodoo
There are certain things about ANTLR that, if understood, help in faster debugging and provide a fuller appreciation of how the tool works. Learn how to use ANTLR to create smarter parsing solutions.

19 March 2008

Using Python to create UNIX command line tools

by BlueVoodoo
Do you fully understand the OSI model? Are you comfortable with subnetting? Do you understand UNIX permissions? By the end of this article, anyone involved in IT at any capacity should be able to create at least a simple command line tool.

18 March 2008

WebSphere Service Registry and Repository

by BlueVoodoo
Manage, govern, and share services across your organization by using WebSphere Service Registry and Repository. Follow the hands-on exercises to learn how to navigate the Web interface to publish, find, reuse, and update services.

17 March 2008

Download a free trial of Websphere Business Modeler Adv. 6.1.1

by BlueVoodoo
IBM’s premier business process modeling and analysis tool for business users that offers process modeling, simulation, and analysis capabilities. The WebSphere Business Modeler helps you visualize, understand, and document business processes for continuous improvement.

14 March 2008

Rational AppScan Standard Ed. V7.7 Trial

by BlueVoodoo
Download a free trial of IBM Rational AppScan Standard Edition V7.7, previously known as Watchfire AppScan, a leading Web application security testing tool that automates vulnerability assessments and scans and tests for all common Web application vulnerabilities including SQL-injection, cross-site scripting and buffer overflow.

10 March 2008

Java, Web Service, and database apps with Rational App. Developer v7

by BlueVoodoo
Get an overview of Rational Application Developer V7 in this basic tutorial, which includes demos and hello world exercises. This tutorial includes practical exercises that show how to create a Java application, create and invoke a Web service, and create a Web application that can access a Derby database using a Relational Record List.

07 March 2008

Changing UIDs and GIDs without harming your server

by BlueVoodoo
It's important to know what happens to file ownership in AIX once you make a UID or GID change. If you don't understand the results of altering a UID or GID, you could cause serious issues to your server and environment.

05 March 2008

Understand your Domain Name System

by BlueVoodoo & 1 other
The Domain Name System (DNS) is the service that converts hostnames and domain details into the IP addresses required for application to communicate. This article looks at the basics of DNS setup, how servers and requests are distributed, and exchanged and how to set up and keep a DNS environment running smoothly.

04 March 2008

Rational ClearCase Innovator’s Series eKit

by BlueVoodoo
With transparent real-time access to files and directories and sophisticated branching and graphical merge tools, Rational ClearCase can help you automate manual error prone processes, collaborate with your teams without sacrificing individuality and stay flexible in the way you work while developing better software, faster.

03 March 2008

IBM Enterprise Modernization Sandbox for System Z

by BlueVoodoo
These sandboxes make it easy and fun to quickly try practical scenarios guided by self-paced exercises. Leverage existing assets, architectures, and skills to quickly develop modern applications for System z, System i, and distributed platforms. You can also integrate, test, and deploy applications in a live test environment.

29 February 2008

Configure HTTP basic authentication with Rational

by BlueVoodoo
This second installment in the three-part series shows you how to configure HTTP basic authentication for your Web services and Web services client, and monitor the HTTP basic authentication information using the TCP/IP monitor. Check out the first part of there series for the initial steps.

28 February 2008

Get the most out of Z Shell

by BlueVoodoo
Examine key parts of the Z shell (zsh) and how to use it's features to ease your UNIX system administration tasks. zsh is a popular alternative to the original Bourne and Korn shells. It provides an impressive range of additional functionality, including improvements for completing different commands, files, and paths automatically, and for binding keys to functions and operations.

27 February 2008

Keep an eye on your system with Log File Basics

by BlueVoodoo
A typical UNIX or Linux machine creates many log files during the course of its operation. Some of these contain useful information; others can be used to help you with capacity and resource planning. This article looks at the fundamental information recorded within the different log files, their location, and how that information can be used to your benefit to work out what is going on within your system.

26 February 2008

SSL configuration for Tivoli Directory Server 6.0

by BlueVoodoo
Gain an overview of SSL configuration for IBM Tivoli Directory Server (ITDS) 6.0 on the AIX 5L operating system. Learn about command line configuration steps for SSL key database creation, certificate creation, certificate extraction, SSL authentication mechanisms, troubleshooting for SSL issues, and steps to perform LDAP client-server communication.

25 February 2008

Learn 10 good UNIX usage habits

by BlueVoodoo
Adopt 10 good habits that improve your UNIX command line efficiency - and break away from bad usage patterns in the process. This article takes you step-by-step through several good, but too often neglected, techniques for command-line operations. Learn about common errors and how to overcome them, so you can learn exactly why these UNIX habits are worth picking up.

21 February 2008

Support AIX functionality with LDAP servers

by BlueVoodoo
Some platforms may lose their operating system-specific functionality due to the lack of schema support from the LDAP server. This article presents a solution for some non-IBM LDAP servers to support full AIX user management functionality by providing the AIX schema for these server types and the steps to update these LDAP server types with the schema.

20 February 2008

Protecting JSF applications with Acegi

by BlueVoodoo
This article first explains the features Acegi provides for this purpose and dispels some common misconceptions about using Acegi with JSF, then presents a simple web.xml file that you can use to deploy Acegi to secure a JSF application.

19 February 2008

Build your own memory manager for C/C++ projects

by BlueVoodoo
As a developer, one of the most powerful tools that C/C++ arms you with to improve processing time and prevent memory corruption is the control over how memory is allocated or deallocated in your code. This tutorial demystifies memory management concepts by telling you how to create your very own memory manager for specific situations.

18 February 2008

Get started with GAWK: AWK language fundamentals

by BlueVoodoo
Discover the basic concepts of the AWK text-processing and pattern-scanning language. This tutorial gets you started programming in AWK: You'll learn how AWK reads and sorts its input data, run AWK programs, manipulate data and perform complex pattern matching. When you're finished, you'll also understand GNU AWK (GAWK).

15 February 2008

How to setup and work with secure RPC with AIX 5.3

by BlueVoodoo
Find out how to use Secure RPC using Data Encryption Standard (DES) authentication on AIX 5.3 to achieve a secure communication between the client and server. In this article, you'll examine the setup required to initiate Secure RPC between the client and server, DES authentication, and how to make applications secure using the Secure RPC application programming interfaces (APIs).

14 February 2008

Transition to AIX from Solaris

by BlueVoodoo
Need to know how to work with partitioning and virtualization? Want to know the differences between WPARs and zones and how the process differs from creating zones and WPARs? Have your questions addressed with this article and make your transition easier.