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by balluche
RESULT: With compression, REISER4, absolutely SMASHED the other filesystems.


Choosing the right Linux File System Layout using a Top-Bottom Process

by balluche
Article très intéressant sur les aspects liés à la performance de linux comme les systèmes de fichier.

Phoronix Global - Linux Benchmarking & Results Database

by balluche
Base de donnée publique des résultats des tests Phoronix. Phoronix est un framework de test développé en php qui fait appel à des applications de benchmark existantes).

How to benchmark, Stress, your Apache, Nginx or IIS server | Linux Operating System - Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo, Arch

by holyver & 1 other
Actually usually any web server can handle a normal day of work, but what happens when the server under your administration gets, stumbled, or appears in Slashdot, or digg front pages, now a days even twitter may drive a lot of traffic to a webpage.

Configuring Apache for Maximum Performance | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

by balluche & 5 others
Conseils d'optimisation de la configuration apache pour la performance.


by nhoizey
amebench hunts down the fastest DNS servers available for your computer to use


Gentoo Optimizations Benchmarked | Linux Magazine

by greut

Although we are not comparing apples to apples, Gentoo did out-perform Ubuntu in almost every test, and sometimes by a fair margin. It does appear that optimizing for a specific CPU can yield a decent performance increase.

Of course, Gentoo offers benefits in other areas with their USE flags and being able to build a highly customized system. The question is whether the amount of time it takes is worth the benefit, and that’s a personal choice.


Tools for Performance Tuning and Optimization |, Inc. - Drupal Development, Customization and Consulting

by holyver
When tuning a site's performance, a system administrator needs certain tools to measure and monitor how the site is doing under increasing load, as well as identify where bottlenecks may be. Linux system performance monitoring tools On Linux, there are several tools available to you to do this. We describe what we have found as the most helpful in this section.

About Opsview |

by camel & 1 other
Opsview is enterprise network and application monitoring software designed for scalability, flexibility and ease of use. Opsview has been in development since 2003 and is released under the GNU GPL license. Current version is 2.12. Opsview is a fully integrated monitoring tool that incorporates popular Open Source software including Nagios, Net-SNMP and RRDtool. The Catalyst web framework provides an extensible monitoring and configuration user interface. Opsview software is supported on Linux (Debian, CentOS, RHEL and Ubuntu) and Solaris 10. It will monitor all common operating systems including Windows. Opsview extends the capabilities of Nagios in the following ways: * Distributed monitoring with high availability and fail-over * Much improved SNMP support with trap processing with rules engine * API supporting automation of Opsview configuration * Data warehouse for storage of historical performance and event data * Opsview Reports customisable reporting * Powerful configuration and management UI * Extended monitoring UI * Extensible architecture based on Catalyst Web Framework and Altinity middleware software

How To Measure Linux Filesystem I/O Performance With iozone

by camel
User contributed tutorial written by Ramesh Natarajan. Following are few situations where you may be interested in performing a filesystem benchmarking. => Deploying a new application that is very read and write intensive. => Purchased a new storage system and would like to measure the performance. => Changing the RAID level and would like to measure the performance of the new RAID. => Changing the storage parameters and would like to know the performance impact of this change

Comment bien gérer la montée en charge d’une application web ? | Simple Entrepreneur

by nhoizey & 2 others
Voici quelques pistes qui seront particulièrement utiles à ceux qui développent une application dans un environnement LAMP (Linux, Apache, Php et MySql) ou RoR (Ruby On Rails). Il s’agit en fait des retours d’expérience de sites comme Flickr, Digg


Tester la performance de votre réseau avec Iperf | Le blog de NicoLargo

by camel
Iperf est un des outils indispensable pout tout administrateur réseau qui se respecte. En effet, ce logiciel de mesure de performance réseau, diponible sur de nombreuses plateformes (Linux, BSD, Mac, Windows…), se présente sous la forme d’une ligne de commande à executer sur deux machines disposées aux extrémités du réseau à tester.

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