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Ufficio Zero, Linux per l'ufficio in italiano, difficoltà zero!

by jdrsantos & 1 other
Ufficio Zero è un sistema operativo completo basato su Linux, completamente in italiano e ottimizzato per le necessità di un ufficio moderno e non solo... grande attenzione è stata posta nei riguardi degli utenti meno esperti, che troveranno un sistema

Alfresco Products

by springnet
Alfresco is the leading open source alternative for enterprise content management.


by jdrsantos
EduKnoppix è una distribuzione GNU/Linux basata su Knoppix, rivolta principalmente a studenti ed insegnanti, che permette di familiarizzare con il sistema operativo GNU/Linux e con i suoi applicativi educational. EduKnoppix è una distribuzione live, ci


Cross-platform automated backups » Draconis Software Blog

by vernravi
How to setup automated backups using free software for Linux, MacOS, Windows, and Solaris. Also has advanced features for security and convenience. /dev/coffeemaker

by ct27stf
Romanian LUGs, WarpX, Catalin Nicolescu, Linux, Blog, slackware, it, gentoo, debian, suse, opensuse, kde, warpx team, warpx dev forge

IT n00b's nightmare

by ct27stf
it, linux, open-source, blog, computers, unix, network, oss


Linux Partition HOWTO - Section 2: Devices

by xenomorph
Transforming Your Enterprise: Synchronizing Business and IT to Capitalize on Change In order for your business to be successful, you must learn to navigate change through the creative and strategic use of information technology. Discover how to capitalize on change by using it as a strategic enabler. Download now Virtualization: IT Supply Meets Business Demand This whitepaper explains how an adaptive enterprise dynamically links IT and business strategies so that IT is automatically driven by changing business priorities. Download now The HP Extensible Virtualization Stack: Taking Virtualization to the Next Level Learn how virtualization allows an organization to improve efficiency and lower costs through better asset utilization and simplified administration. Download now Virtualization with the HP BladeSystem This paper shows you how to achieve system design goals with HP BladeSystem solutions using virtualization tools and techniques, as well as how to analyze system hardware and software for planning a virtualization strategy. Download now ITSM-based Management Advances Customer-centric Processes at Arizona Public Service See how using the ITSM framework for aligning IT processes with business goals as their foundation allowed the APS IT team to develop 20 customer-centric processes to streamline operations. Download now Quantifying the Business Benefits of IT Service Management Discover how companies can quantify the business benefits of IT service management using HP OpenView Service Desk and learn about revenue, and specific IT processes and associated time and staffing requirements, before and after deploying the software. Download now New HOWTO: Linux Partition HOWTO

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