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December 2006

November 2006 Backupninja

by clochix
Backupninja allows you to coordinate system backup by dropping a few simple configuration files. Backupninja provides a centralized way to configure and schedule many different backup utilities.

Système de sauvegarde sous Debian - Olivier Tétard

by clochix
Ce document présente l'installation de backupninja sous Debian. Ce système de sauvegarde est très évolutif et permet de sauvegarder une grande variété de données

October 2006

Keep: Home

by maddoxeric
A backup application for linux. This is the projects homepage.

Packet Writing on CDRW and DVDRW media

by rustynail
InCD-like operation in Linux. Use CDRW like floppy diskettes.

September 2006

Home - iFolder

by springnet & 5 others
iFolder is a solution that allows people to easily share folders of files of any type with other users, whether they use the same or different operating systems. Thus, Linux, Windows and MacIntosh users can all use iFolder and share folders. The iFolder c

Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Rsync

by springnet
The rsync utility is a very well-known piece of GPL'd software, written originally by Andrew Tridgell and Paul Mackerras. If you have a common Linux or UNIX variant, then you probably already have it installed; if not, you can download the source code fro

August 2006