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March 2006

Recommended PHP reading list

by mbertier & 12 others (via)
Learn about PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) with this reading list compiled for programmers and administrators by IBM Web application developers.

_____.....:::::(((((((((( GameMUSICIANS.03 )))))))))) :::::....._____

by mbertier
With the coming out of Gameboy cartridges with music softwares inside, some electronic musicians started to get sounds and music out of the internal sound-chip of the hand-held

January 2006

December 2005

November 2005

edevil’s weblog » Javascript libraries roundup

by mbertier & 28 others
I spent days looking for new Javascript libraries and finally made a comprehensive list of almost all libs out there.

August 2005

July 2005

June 2005

Marco Tabini's Weblog » php|tropics slide roundup

by mbertier (via)
As promised to all the attendees, here are as many slide sets as possible from php|tropics.

May 2005

Scream Club (News)

by mbertier


by mbertier & 8 others (via)
"Believe it or not, there's a thriving sub-genre of people who love, perform and share VIDEO GAME music" -- hihi

PEAR :: Support - Presentation Slides

by mbertier & 1 other (via)
The following is a list of pointers to the slides of presentations that have been held about PEAR.

April 2005

[- l'OrEille EquiTable -] site associatif et contributif en musique, images et autres arts non-institutionnels

by mbertier
L'oreille équitable est un site associatif participatif dont l'objet est la promotion des artistes, labels et autres groupes, se situant en dehors du circuit commercial de grande distribution de part leur caractère expérimental, innovant, radical, critique et/ou débile, stupide, puéril et/ou provocateur. Mais pas seulement.

U B U W E B : Film

by thousand*bones & 12 others (via)
Courts-métrages : Man Ray, John Cage, Guy Debord, Luis Buñuel, Isidore Isou...

U B U W E B : Film

by mbertier & 12 others (via)
Courts-métrages : Man Ray, John Cage, Guy Debord, Luis Buñuel, Isidore Isou...

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