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11 December 2005

30 November 2005

Cultured Perl: The elegance of JAPH - "Just another Perl hacker,"

by macroron
JAPH is a short script that produces the output "Just another Perl hacker. SEE RESOURCE LINKS ON BOTTOM OF PAGE.

19 November 2005

16 November 2005

Loud Thinking Blog ~David Heinemeier Hansson

by macroron & 9 others
Best Hacker of the Year - a partner in 37signals, I helped transform the venerable design shop into a product company. Basecamp, Backpack, and Ta-da List are all applications launched since the shift came into effect in February 2004. I did the programmi

15 November 2005

27 October 2005

articles /

by macroron
What is a partition? - Primer: File Recovery Programs - How To Backup Your Hard Drive + +

21 October 2005

Why Smalltalk: Supporting the Smalltalk Community

by macroron & 1 other
news and information - stay informed about : Smalltalk News, Conferences & Events, Success Stories, Smalltalk Products & Tools, Smalltalk Projects.

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