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Éditions Nicolas Sceaux

by Emaux
Editions de partitions musicales sur GNU LilyPond en licence CC



OOoLilyPond - Using LilyPond in

by pvergain
OOoLilyPond is a macro for that simplifies the integration of music notation in Writer, Impress and Draw. It can be used to write a book on music theory or to write down exercises for music instruments or voices which need to be commented with lots of text. The music expression is entered as a text code in the LilyPond language and then rendered into an image. It needs some time to get familar with the LilyPond language but once learned, small pieces of music are entered much faster than with any other sofware. The author likes to thank Geoffroy Piroux who has written the macro OOoLaTeX. OOoLilyPond has been derived from OOoLaTeX. Samuel Hartmann, December 2006


jEdit - Plugin Central

by jmgautier (via)
jEdit plugins are being written by a diverse team of programmers from around the world.

jEdit - Programmer's Text Editor

by jmgautier & 15 others
jEdit is a mature and well-designed programmer's text editor with 7 years of development behind it. Written in Java, so it runs on Mac OS X, OS/2, Unix, VMS and Windows.

LilyPond - Tutoriel français

by jmgautier
Traduction française du tutoriel de LilyPond par John Mandereau.


by jmgautier & 13 others (via)
Collection de musique au format LilyPond. LilyPond est libre et gratuit, c'est donc un format sûr pour échanger et archiver de la musique. Si un compositeur est mort depuis plus de 70 ans, alors sa musique est dans le domaine public. Elle peut être librement incluse dans une bibliothèque (numérique).

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