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High Scalability - High Scalability - 6 Ways to Kill Your Servers - Learning How to Scale the Hard Way

by ghis (via)
Interesting article about scaling a website : caching, alternative webserver, replication, take care of not messing the filesystem, ... The comments are interesting too.


Lighttpd Control a Directory Listing With mod_dirlisting

by camel
Lighttpd web server will generate a directory listing if a directory is requested and no index-file was found in that directory. mod_dirlisting is one of the modules that is loaded by default and doesn’t have to be specified on server.modules to work.

Installing Lighttpd With PHP5 And MySQL Support On Debian Etch | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

by camel & 1 other
Lighttpd is a secure, fast, standards-compliant web server designed for speed-critical environments. This tutorial shows how you can install Lighttpd on a Debian Etch server with PHP5 support (through FastCGI) and MySQL support.




:: cleverdevil ::: Python, FastCGI, WSGI, and lighttpd

by bader & 1 other (via)
Right now, the lighttpd web server is all the rage with Ruby on Rails people, PHP people, and excellent hosting providers. Why is this? Because lighttpd is extremely lightweight, has a small footprint, scales like nobody’s business, and is fast fast fast. The internals of lighttpd are really interesting, using kqueue and other fancy asynchronous networking operating system support to really put Apache to shame. But, the internals of lighttpd are a topic for another day…

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