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Lightroom Dashboard

by rmaltete
analyse des données du catalogue lightroom


The Turning Gate - Photographers Plugins and Resources

by rmaltete (via)
plug-ins lightroom pour créer un website depuis LR


HDR Express, Plug-in for Lightroom, Aperture

by holyver
HDR Express is the game-changer in HDR software. It demystifies HDR photography by giving you easy controls and presets to create realistic or stylized HDR photos in the blink of an eye, all in full 32-bit color precision.


Photosmith – the iPad mobile companion for Adobe Lightroom

by rmaltete
Photosmith is the culmination of the blood, sweat, and tears from two independent developers over far too many months. We wanted to make a premier photo app, easy enough for the Average Joe and powerful enough for professional photographers. Most of us fall somewhere in between, but many of us have the same need- to organize our photos. Now that everything has gone digital, we have more photos than ever, and a bigger and bigger need to keep them organized. Adobe’s Lightroom has become the number one choice for digital photo management. But it requires a desktop or notebook computer, and while very powerful, isn’t suited for a tablet. The iPad allows you to download your pictures directly from the camera using Apple’s Camera Connection Kit. However, the built-in Photos App doesn’t offer any sorting, categorizing, or practically anything other than viewing, and even that is limited. Photosmith bridges this gap. Now photographers can take their pictures in the field, download them to the iPad, and use Photosmith to review their images, add to custom collections, filter by certain criteria, assign metadata, and filter by that data. Photosmith also fills a critical gap in the photographer’s current mobile workflow- allowing full 1:1 zoom of even 21 megapixel RAW images.


SlideShowPro / Products / SlideShowPro

by nhoizey
"SlideShowPro is a photo and video slideshow player that can be embedded at any web site. It is used by tens of thousands of photographers, web designers and developers to present dynamic media content in a flexible, customizable interface. "

Cleaning up the mess – culling images in Lightroom | X-Equals - image, workflow, technology, business

by nhoizey
"Remember, just because you shot it does not mean you have to keep it. Only keep your best, because anything less should not consume your time."


Exposure Fusion: What is it? How does it Compare to HDR? How Do I Do It?

by mozkart (via)
Exposure Fusion Software At this stage Exposure Fusion is still in its infancy, so there’s only a handful of programs to choose from. Enfuse is the primary tool for Exposure Fusion at the moment, and although it is a command line utility, there are ‘‘droplets’‘ (batch files) available that you can drag and drop a series of images onto to create a fused image. Ingemar Bergmark has produced a GUI for it, not surprisingly called EnfuseGui, which can be a little easier if you aren’t too keen on command lines. If you’ve got Lightroom then one of the more convenient ways is to use the plugin. It still uses the command line utility in the background (you have to tell it where your enfuse.exe is), but the process looks more refined. However, the plugin is donation-ware so its limited to 500px final images until you donate to get the full version. There is currently no plugin for Photoshop. If you’re into photo stitching then PTgui and Hugin may be of interest to you. These programs utilise Exposure Fusion by stitching and fusing bracketed sequences together, with some pretty nice results.

Finally, Geoencoding in Lightroom! Announcing my GPS-Support Plugin

by nhoizey
A plugin for Adobe Lightroom, “Jeffrey's GPS Support”, that adds support for Geoencoding photos from within Lightroom


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